Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday Worktable - 25th July 2012

Another looong break!  I have been suffering with the after effects of the heavy cold I picked up (and complained about!) two weeks ago.  My asthma got going with a vengeance and I have had two weeks of feeling exhausted, breathless, coughing etc, interspersed with "ok" days where I felt a bit better. 

This morning, I saw my osteopath for a regular checkup.  I sat there wheezing... She recently attended a course about dealing with trauma injuries - stuff like car accidents, falls etc.  Part of the course dealt with chest issues and this morning she put some of her new-found expertise into practice and worked on my chest and breathing. 

All I can say is, "Yay for Ostepathy!".  I went in to see her feeling squashed, breathless, rather ill; I came out breathing normally for the first time in at least two weeks, with my back no longer aching either, able to stand up straight (hadn't even realised I wasn't until it happened!).  Talk about a sudden recovery.  So long as I keep up with my inhalers and don't overdo it, I think I will now recover - hooray!

Soooo.. what has LizzieMade been up to in the past fortnight, other than wheezing and coughing? 

Well, there's been plenty of "mummy-sitting" to do, as my mum has still had problems of various kinds.  I hope she is going to be ok now, as I'm very busy with preparation for the Children's University workshop week, which I will be teaching in August, plus packing and preparing for our holiday next week. 

I thought I'd pop a few photos up, to show what I'm doing just now.  I also finished the two recipe books that I posted about last time, plus a couple of other books, but I don't have photos yet, so these will follow asap.

Today I'm joining in with Julia's "WOYWW", which you can find at her blog, "Stamping Ground".  When you've finished looking at my desk, why not pop over there and follow a few links, to see what else is going on in the Blogosphere? 

Lots of reference material and notes...

Collecting possible materials...

Typing the Course Plan...

Making and collecting Examples and Sample Books

There's a meeting tomorrow evening, for tutors, at the place where the course will be held.  I need to have my Course Plan and materials list all prepared...  So back to work for Lizzie! 

PS. Just wanted to clarify something about the photo of books.  I didn't make all these myself.  The yellow folded mini-book/card with stripes was made by Mel (of ISpeakMelsh), the yellow and green folded book beneath it was made by a friend, Carolyn, the deep burgundy-red palmleaf book under those two was given to me by Mia Leijonstedt when I attended her workshop day in June, and the wine coloured little suede journal was made by the fabulous Katie of Linen, Laid & Felt - one of my Etsy bookbinding colleagues.  Just wanted to set the record straight, as I never like to deceive anyone and my friends deserve recognition!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday Worktable - 11th July 2012

It's ages since I've posted on my blog! It's been a bit crazy-busy round here.  So, I thought I would join in with WOYWW #163, at Julia Dunnits' Stamping ground.
This has been my work table in the past week. 
Bits of a pair of books.  They're recipe books, A4 sized (letter size) and have matching cover papers, but the spines and insides are in contrast.  I've posted about them before (and on my Facebook Page too).
Basically they are in blue and yellow, but where one book has blue, the other has yellow.  Thus the separator pages for sections of the books are blue in one and yellow in the other; the bellows-type pockets in the folders at the front of the books are blue in one, with a yellow flap, but the other way round in the other book; the spine of one book is blue bookcloth, but yellow on the other. 

I've been sewing their bindings
...attaching ribbon bookmarks to each section
...and stitching in a ribbon which will keep each book closed.

It's still a Work In Progress, but I'm almost finished now.  Both books have been sewn/bound and I am now working on finishing off the covers and attaching these, along with the folder sections, onto the fronts of the bindings (the back pages are attached already and under weights).

I didn't actually work on these today - in fact, I've done nothing since last Thursday, as we were away at the weekend and I had "doing mummy jobs" to do on Monday/Tuesday (it was my mum's birthday on Monday, so we had a family lunch, then yesterday she had two appointments that I had to take her to).  And, just to make sure I got nothing done... I picked up a cold from James (he brought it home from his weekend course) and it started last night.  So, very little sleep and felt really and truly rotten all day today.  I think colds affect me more now, because of my asthma and the problems I still have with my upper back. What is "just a cold" to most people, can be a real problem for an asthma sufferer; and then I often have slightly gummy ears, so the cold has affected them today and made me feel a bit sick and giddy. 
I'm okay though and hope for a good night's sleep and to be able to get on with these tomorrow.  Hopefully, they will be finished by tomorrow night!

So, just a bit of catching up in Lizzieland! I hope to be back soon, posting regularly.  I still owe you all the final part of the Longstitch Journal Tutorials...

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, 2 July 2012

We Have A Winner!

So, it's past 8pm on Monday.... which means that Sami of "Sami's Diddy Pretties" (at Facebook), has done her draw for the prize she was offering.

And if you don't know what I mean, see my previous post, here!

This is the prize, which was won by Jemma:

Congratulations to Jemma!

Thanks to everyone who joined in with the fun and left a comment for Sami.  Her new business has had a lovely boost of interest.  I wish her much success - her hair "pretties" truly are very lovely and I'm sure she will do well. 


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