Saturday, 26 September 2015

Pass The Page Blog Hop, Bloggers' Weekend 2015

I was lucky enough to be invited to join a group of other bloggers and papercrafters for a weekend away, to meet up, chat, eat cake (of course!) and craft together.  

We went to the RAU at Cirencester and had a lovely big room to ourselves, for the whole weekend. Before we went, Julie of "JSquared" blog issued a challenge for a Pass The Page.  She sent someone a photo of a scrap page she had made, so that they could create their own page, using hers as inspiration.  That new page was then sent on to the next person in the chain, who did the same - and so on.  It's like a paper version of Chinese Whispers!  

I received a photo from Alison, of "Life in the Slow Lane" - I was number nine in a chain of eleven people.  Below you'll see the page I created, using Alison's lovely layout as inspiration.  

Photo by Keri-Anne Pink of Gingerlillytea Photography.  

The two little girls are my great nieces, on their summer holiday by the sea in Cornwall.  I loved the sunset colours, which inspired my choice of this orange ombre-style paper for the background. 

I passed my page on to Ruth. If you'd like to see what everyone made and follow the whole chain and its progress, go back to Julie's blog and follow the links all the way through! 


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