Wednesday 27 April 2016

Wednesday Worktable - 27th April 2016 - Cards and Gift Planning

I'm actually posting this on Wednesday this week - yay!  (Last week's post was several days late and no-one saw it!).

I'm joining in with What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, at Julia's blog.  We each post about what is going on in our workspace and link up on Julia's post, then take a little tour to see one another's projects (and maybe marvel at how very tidy someone's desk is - or perhaps be comforted that others are just as messy as ourselves... )

This week, there are several things happening all at once, in my work area.  It's a bit chaotic actually, but I hope to bring some order tomorrow.

First of all there is this:

It's a notebook for a customer order.  All ready to be packaged up and posted - all the way to USA!  

This owl notebook seems to be very popular. I've sold several recently, which is fun.  I love the paper that is inside the cover and which has the owl on, that you can see through the little window.  There are also deer, badgers, foxes, rabbits... it's lovely.  

Then there are these: 

A couple of birthday cards.  The design is fun - I got the idea from Paula Pink, who I follow on Facebook.

It's a nice way to add interest to a card. You cut a corner (at 2cm or 3/4"), then the opposite corner (but 2cm further in), then crease the joins and fold it inside - like you can see below.  Then you embellish the bits that show on the front.  The cut-away part is also great for stamping a message, that you can see at the front also.

This is the inside of the first card... I used some glitter-glue to give the top "Happy Birthday" a bit of sparkle. 

...and this is the second card (so far).

And this one is a bit different - I cut the same corner, at 2cm and 4cm, then folded it down, over the decorated front.  I'll stick that plain bit to the front, so it makes a sort of frame.  I think this will work out very nice.  

And finally... 

A pile of leather pieces.

I'm planning leather notebooks.  James finishes school in about four weeks' time and we want to give his teachers something really nice, to show appreciation for all the hard work and patience they have put into the "A" Level courses.  

Thing is, there are six subject teachers from this year, plus a form tutor, also James' music teacher... and we might give gifts to last year's subject teachers too, which would make another three (I think!).  
This could be a bit of a Project - not to mention making a very serious dent in my leather supplies!  I think I'll have to re-think the leather notebooks for all teachers - I can make very lovely books with paper and fabric covers! 

Anyway, thank you for coming to see what I'm up to.  As I said, it's a bit crazy, but I hope to have some completed projects to show soon.  I'll be in my studio and the bindery tomorrow, working on the African Photo Album project that I posted about last week, then starting on the leather notebooks above.  So hopefully there will be something finished to show soon! 

Now you've reached the end, do hop over to Julia's Blog, to see the other WOYWW posts for this week.  


  1. Wonderful cards. That looks like a great technique. The owl notebook is cute. I think owls are one of the things that are 'in' right now. I'm sure the teachers will love the gifts - what a wonderful project.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #46

  2. great cards and cute notebook. Good luck with your sales!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #36

  3. Interesting card design, I'd not seen that one. And I'm sure those teachers will be thrilled with notebooks having any kind of cover. What a fab gift idea. Susanne #38

  4. What a lovely and thoughtful idea to make notebooks for your son's teachers - everyone loves a notebook, and yours are so very pretty. I like that card idea, though it looks fearfully complex from here!

  5. Lovely cards and notebooks there, Lizzie. You will certainly be busy if you make all those books for the teachers... What an unusual card design. Still trying to get my head round it - the old grey cells take some time to get there these days!!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  6. Gorgeous projects, Lizzie. What an intriguing design for a card. And how lovely to make such beautiful notebooks as a thank you for the teachers!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #62

  7. I'm sure the teachers will love the notebooks...leather bound or not! Xx


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