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Frosty Festivities Blog Hop - Another Make to Share!

Hello! Welcome to my post, which is part of our "Frosty Festivities" Blog Hop.  Our theme is "Winter" and my contribution is below.

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Paper Drops Christmas Decorations

My previous post was instructions for making a string of little paper hearts:

 Of course, these could be made as Christmas Decorations too!
Pretty, eh? 
Do you see the little shapes in the middle of those banners?  Sort-of tear-drop or leaf shapes? 
I thought you might like to make some of these too.  They're simple and enjoyable to make and they look very effective, either hung individually,  or in a long string.
To Make the Decorations
You need a few paper strips.  Mine were about 8" long and 1" wide.
Fold each strip in half, as shown.  
Choose two strips that you think look nice together. 
Decide which will be the Inside strip and which will go on the Outside.
 Cut about 1/2" from Both ends of the Inside strip
so it will be 1" shorter than the other

Mark about 1/4" from the folded edge of each strip and make a hanging hole
(I used a tiny hole-punch, but you can use a big needle, an awl etc). 
On the Inside Strip, apply about 1/4" deep strip of glue to one end...
...and on one side in the centre.

Fold the strip and press the glued parts together.
Now apply glue to the Outside Strip, at Both ends and both parts of the middle, as shown.

Carefully fold the Outside Strip round the Inside Strip, with the cut ends together. 
Press the glued cut ends of the Outside strip onto the same (ie. cut) ends of the Inside strip, as shown.
Now, press the folds together...  
...then press the glued parts at the top as shown.
Gently push the ends in, to curve the strips and open them out... you get a nice curvy shape like this.
(try not to be too forceful when you push, or they end up wonky!)

 You can put a hanging loop on each shape, using a piece of thick thread, or fine ribbon.
These ornaments look pretty hung on their own.  They can be hung from the Christmas tree too.
Or you can make a long string, like this. 
Space the ornaments evenly - mine are about 4" apart.
I used a medium-weight linen thread to string them together.  
Lay the ornaments out as you go, to get the right spacing.  
Use a dot of glue over each hole, to secure the string in the right place
and prevent the ornaments sliding around.
Then hang them up somewhere where you can admire your work!
* * *
I hope you enjoyed my post and fancy having a go at your own ornaments.  Why not combine them with some of the heart-shapes, for an interesting decorative banner?
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