Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Saturday, 23 February 2013

No Knuston!

So, this weekend I should be here:

This is Knuston Hall, where I was going for a bookbinding & repair course.
Instead, I am here:
I've been nursing my mother through a nasty fluey cold thing, this week. She's been feeling pretty poorly and has a bad cough etc. 
Today I had to stay in bed, because I also have the lurgy.  My mum phoned this morning and said she was feeling a little better.  Her carer was due at lunchtime and tea time, to make her meals, also her friend was coming round to help her.  She said I was to stay at home and not worry.
Of course, staying at home was necessary, as I wasn't fit enough to go anywhere and had only had about 4 hours sleep into the bargain. 
Worrying is a different story...

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wednesday Worktable February 20th 2013 - Makin' Rainbows

Thought it was high time I posted something. And today is Wednesday, so I took a few pictures of my desk, to show what's going on just now, in my not-as-messy-as-last-Wednesday Studio! (Thursday was Tidy-up Day and it looks so much better, though still some way to go...)
..err... yes, still a bit of a way to go....
but at least you can see the (nicely vacuumed) floor!
* * *
So, I am joining in with Julia's Stamping Ground, to share my studio desk.  

This was on my desk when I went up to the studio, with my camera....

It's a book... with Rainbow Pages and special silver touches...
Silver end-sheets - how about this?

A view of one of the pages - this is the first page, in scarlet-red.  There are 10 colours of pages, with pretty punched edges.  The book will be slightly shorter than A4, as the sheets for the pages are A4, with about 2.5cm folded to make the folds to stitch the pages together - also to allow for the pretty punch detail!
A Rainbow of pages!
The covers will have this white linen and silvery silk edging.

An idea of what the book will be like, with its covers.
A bit like this guest book, in white linen and blush-peach silk (only it won't have the same binding).
A pair of little notebooks (about 4"x3"), with bright-coloured stitching...
...and rainbow pages!  

I love making rainbows! 
Why not go over to Julia's blog, to see what others are working on this week?


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