Wednesday, 31 March 2010

SI Lives!

Well, this morning has been busy, with a "top-up" visit to my osteopath and J's end of term awards assembly.   All the children get a certificate to recognise any special effort or achievements during the term. J. doesn't always agree with the school's opinions (as he said last term - "But I have worked very hard and done my best in Every Subject!). By the look of his face when he received his certificate today, there were several subjects on the list, so that's a cause for celebration.

Then I signed on to check my e-mails, while I ate my lunch.  There was an e-mail to say that This will hit the shelves in the shops today!

Photo courtesy of Shimelle

Like many others, I was so disappointed to learn that Scrapbook Inspirations were printing no more magazines after last December - not least because they were due to print a commission layout of mine in the March 2010 issue, which of course has not appeared.  They've hung onto the commission, with the intention of featuring it somewhere in the future, but I was still very sorry about it.

However, I answered a call for submissions, from Shimelle and was lucky to have one of my layouts selected for publication in their new Quarterly Book, Issue 1.  I'm quite excited, as this is now my first published layout (in a paper format anyway!).

We're allowed to put "sneaks" on our blogs, but not the whole layout just now....

So, a couple of "Sneaks" to pique your curiosity...

Go and buy yourself a copy of the book - it sounds fab! To find out more, take a look at Shimelle's blog post.

Have a good day!

Monday, 29 March 2010

A Sunny Sunday in Springtime

Yesterday was definitely a Spring Day!  The clocks changed overnight, then the weather was really nice - if a bit changeable.  I intended to take a walk in the middle of the day, but it was very overcast and threatening rain, so I gave it up.

But at 4pm it was warm, sunny and lovely, so out I went, with J, who was complaining of a headache - having spent his day on homework, drawing, computer game, more homework, writing, more computer.  I thought the fresh air would do us good - it certainly did. We walked to the river and had a really lovely time.

J. going along the footpath to the big field
Walking across the big field to the river
(J. always has to collect a stick!)

View across the big field, to the village
A lovely cedar tree
The church, seen along the road from the river bridge
The road bridge across the river
The weir, upstream from the bridge, with fields beyond
The bridge, seen from the weir
Happy in the sunshine!

That's my little photo album. We really enjoyed our walk and had a good appetite for dinner when we got home.  J. forgot he'd ever had a headache!

* * *


Today, Deb has posted about her Giveaway Prize, which has arrived safely.  I thought it would be ok now to put up a couple of photos of the pink felt book, with its new closure, that I added for Deb.

These were the original Prizes (Sian won the brown mini-notebook)

I added a flower with a silver button, attached to a ribbon tie closure.

Here it is closeup
and this is a view of the back cover, where the other ribbon is fixed on.

I thought about "tidying up" the back, with another button or by tucking the ribbon through a slit in the cover, but in the end I thought it looked quite nice like that, so I left it alone.

Deb is pleased with her prize - so I'm happy!

I hope to make a little tutorial soon, to show how I make the paper flowers I sent to Deb (and have in my Etsy shop).  They're lovely and easy, but look very pretty. There is a 4 and 6 petal version. I will try to get this set up soon, with some good photos to illustrate it.

Have a good week, everyone!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Best of Dads!

Hello all Bloggy-type friends! It's Saturday again.

I have the day to myself, which is unusual and rather nice for a change. I plan to work on the commission for LittleRose soon, but first I'm "blogging".

My DH has been away this week, in Sweden again.  He set up our laptops with Skype software, so we could have free phonecalls and video calls. This has been great, as we talk each evening "face to face". It also means he can stay in touch with J. and talk to him about his day. 

This week there were problems with the Internet connection at his appartments, which means the link was down in the evening, after about 6pm.  D. came up with the idea of "Skyping" at around 4pm instead, after J. got home from school. 

He also had a very good idea for him and J. which has made J. a happy boy...  They both have sets of "Warhammer" models and play games with them.  For the uninitiated majority, "Warhammer" is a fantasy gaming set-up, like a modern version of the old toy soldiers.  It's popular with boys in their tweens and teens, also with a number of adults (mostly male).  J. got very keen on this about 18 months ago and D. has acquired a set of models too, so he can join in with J. and help/support his hobby.  They build and paint their models together and play games, both at home and at the local Games Workshop, when they can book a big game table for a morning/afternoon/day. 

D. had the idea that we could set up a small board in my Studio, with some of his models (that he chose and J. fetched out of the box) and an army of J's stuff too.  They would play a Game, one move per day (note that this is not like Monopoly, where you throw a couple of dice, move your piece a few squares and maybe follow some instructions on a card you pick up, or buy a property etc).  Each move takes about 30-40 minutes, so it's quite good to do one a day.

Aerial View of the Battle so far!

J. has a Plan for his next move... he hopes to beat his Dad! 
At the moment, they are about even, so we'll see what happens next time!

Meanwhile, this sits on the floor of my studio. It's not too big, being a spare shelf for my new wardrobe, so about 1m x 50cm.  Still, it's made us clear up some of the clutter that had collected and made me keen to hurry up and get the sofa-bed I want to put in that space!

I think D. is a wonderful dad.  He thinks of great ways to keep involved in J's life, even when he is hundreds of miles away.

I love you my dear! xxx

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Surprise Ring of the Doorbell

This morning I was working up here in my studio - I love typing that word - it's almost finished now, you know! ... anyway... there I was, working away on the commission from LittleRose.... (Mum's a lot better and I have some time to work.. so happy!)

"Ding Dong" (yes, our doorbell does make the traditional sound).

Downstairs I went... (cue that music from "Mary, Mungo & Midge" - remember them? - for going down in the lift)...

This is what the Postman gave me!

My initial reaction was "Good God!" (sorry Lord...) as it was such a huge parcel.  Also I hadn't ordered any stuff and couldn't think where it could be from.  I made the postie check it really was for me.  There had been a card through the door yesterday, to say they'd tried to deliver something when I was out, but I had forgotten about it.  Then I saw the name "Megan" on the sender label and remembered...

So, having lugged it upstairs (cue the "going up in the lift" music!), I set about opening it up.

Sneaky peek inside... oooh...

This is what was inside the parcel:-

I was a bit stunned to have won the giveaway, which they set up to celebrate their 75th Blog follower (along the lines of "Any Excuse for a Celebration" I think, hee hee).  To tell the truth, I had forgotten about it (mostly).

I am very humbled by the generosity of some folks.  These guys are students, working hard at college.  They have a dear little girl and a lovely loft appartment in Kansas City.  They seem to be lovely folks and put such interesting posts on their blog. I've been following them for a while now and really enjoy the regular posts - such as Music Monday - a playlist on a theme, every Monday, reports about their Life in the City and fun updates about the finds they unearth at second hand shops (thrift stores) and antique/junk shops, which they post in their fabby little Etsy Shop.  

Also, Megan has an artistic bent and likes to make fun and funky things - like that altered notice board above. If it wasn't that postage from USA is sooo expensive (hold that thought!), I would be a regular customer of their shop.  I find so many items I would love to own, but it's just too expensive to have a filing cabinet, bookcase, or even an old record stand to use for my 12" papers, shipped from Kansas.

And to return to the postage... these folks cheerfully sent this fabulous parcel all the way from Kansas to me in UK, without any comment about the phenomenal cost of posting it! I just hope it didn't mean they all had to eat baked beans on toast for 3 weeks....

Thank you so much, Guys!

So, more detail about what was in that bountiful parcel.....

Here is a closer look at the lovely Notice Board.

See the hand-painted trees, each one different; and the lovely birdies, attached at various points; and the fun border of wonderfully dotty fabric, with the raw edges and overlaps... all kind-of "hand made it by myself just for you".  I think it's great.  I will have to fight to keep it, as J. already expressed an interest when he saw the original prize post on Nerdnest blog!  It's Mine! He can't have it!

I will find this a special place on the Art Wall in my Studio.  The question will be whether I ever use it as a notice board, because it's too cute to cover up!

A large piece (3/8 yd) of this lovely fabric, called "Midnight Kisses", by Heidi Grace. 
A hand made Fawn Hairband, by Megan, for Nerdnest.
A cool Bridge Score Pad - perfect for some Scrapping!

A Polaroid I-Zone, mini-photo instant camera, with some film for 6 photos.

I don't know whether to keep it in its pack for ever & ever, use it (and could I get more film...) or give it to a certain person I know, who loves cameras... must think it over a bit more.  It's such a cool gift!

And talking of scrapping...

A bit of plum-coloured yarn and some fabby tape, used to stick the parcel.  I must salvage some of this and use it for a great layout - I wonder what I could scrap about... duh!

I'm a bit overwhelmed by this amazing present.  These are people I only know a little, through blogging, and have never been lucky enough to meet.  Yet they have set up this fab giveaway and sent me such a wonderful treat.

I feel very blessed today.  There are some great people in the world. I so wish everyone could be so nice, then we'd all get along so much better.

Once again...

Thank you Megan, Jake and Eli!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Flowers all Around!

Shimelle posted some challenges for those of us taking her current online class - "Something from (almost) Nothing". 
The Sunday Challenge was to choose an item from our stash and use at least 10 of them in a layout or project. 

This is my project. It's a (very busy!) Birthday Card, for my mother's friend.  She'll be 80 on Wednesday, so my mum was keen to have a card to give her. 
I chose paper Flowers for my item to use lots of.  There are 12 flowers on this card, plus the large hand-made flower embellishment at the bottom.  I've also used brads as centres - some of those are also flowers. 

There are 6 brads on the card, plus 2 ribbons, 3 butterflies (one is inside) and 5 different papers from my stash. Also a  little "Patti" figure that I coloured and cut out.

The papers were printed last year, from the "Patti Picklicious" CD by Kirsty Wiseman.  (Those who are regular readers of my posts, will know that I'm a "Kirsy Groupie" and loved her two CDs of printable papers and other lovely stuff.)  I used most of the papers I'd printed off, but those extras just sat in my stash, so it's good to use them up (though I can print more whenever I like lol!).

I do hope that my mum and her friend like the card. It seems very busy in the photo. It looks better in real life - probably because you get the 3 dimensions and it is bigger.  I like it anyway.  Recently I've made some really busy stuff - in direct response to Shimelle's "use your stash" ethos! My cards are normally rather more restrained and English in style!!

* * *

I'm still working on the 8" Baby Photo Album commission for my Etsy shop.  I hope to be able to post pictures of it, once it has been finished and received by its new owner.  Meanwhile, I think I could put some pictures of the papers I'm using:- 

These are by "K and Company", from a range called "Dollhouse", designed by Brenda Walton.  They look a bit muted in these photos - they're a bit brighter in reality.

The customer has chosen these papers, to be used in a similar way to the "patchwork" effect pages I made for C's album earlier this month.

I'm having such fun with this project and was able to send her pictures today, of the pages so far.

I have made most of the pages,with the exception of the inside-covers.  They need to be embellished and have some sort of journalling/labelling tags or strips added.  The covers need to be made and I have to decide on their colours/structure. I will put acetate over the covers, to protect them, just as I did with the first album.  So decisions still need to be made about the covers. 

I hope the customer likes the work so far, then I can get on with the rest of it and finish the book.  It should be very pretty when it's finished!

Busy, busy... but it's the nicest kind of busy in the world!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Pink and Pretty!

Well, today has gone quite well.  Thanks to all friends for their kind comments and encouragement - I am feeling much more cheerful and positive, thank you!

I have managed to do quite a few jobs today - I did some cleaning (!!!), went to my mum's and cooked her lunch, did some jobs for her before I came home, caught up with a few blogs I hadn't kept up with recently...

Oh, and I finished Deb's prize book! That pink one in the picture above is her prize (remember my World Book Day giveaway?).  She left it up to me to choose the sort of fastening to add, so I have done just that.  I have made it look quite nice, I think and I really hope that, when it finally arrives in Arizona, Deb will agree with me.  I took some photos of the finished book, but I don't think it would be fair for you folks to see it, until Deb has had the chance to open her parcel and see it first! So, you will need to wait for photos, I'm afraid.  And Deb will be waiting for her book to arrive. 

Deb, it normally takes around 10 days for books I post to reach most addresses in USA.  Sometimes it only takes 7 days and occasionally it's taken longer than 10 - but those were out-of-the-way addresses. I hope to post this tomorrow and that it will be with you by the end of the month at worst!

* * *

Also, on the theme of Pink... This little Sock Pet has been featured by Cuteable - a blog that only posts features with Cute finds. 

They featured my sock cats last year, but missed my Zebra and Leopard, which I submitted to them, because Cuteable were so busy in the run-up to Christmas, that they'd been sold by the time they got back to me!  This time, she came back to me really quickly and my Sock Kitten is on today's post!  I'm really pleased! I left it up to her to choose which thing she liked, so this was her selection.

Which reminds me that I really should go now and get on with the Sock Bunnies and Puppy I've almost finished and the new Kittens I haven't even started yet!

Good Night All!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sunny Side Up!

No, not eggs! Me! Yesterday I wrote a long and rambly post, full of moans about how exhausted and depressed I was.... In fact, it was so miserable that I woke at 3am, had a change of heart, switched on my laptop and moved that post back to "Drafts"!

Thank you to Amy, Rinda and Sian, who all read it before then and wrote me some very kind and supportive comments. I really appreciated your encouragement!

Today I have felt a lot more positive. I had a reasonable nights' sleep, for the first time in a few days - that always helps.  I think the sunshine and blue skies have had a bit of an effect too.  Also, I made the decision, for myself, that my mum would need help for a few more days, so I should arrange my day so I could go over and make her some lunch today. 

I went over there mid-morning, stopping by the post office on the way, to post Sian's giveaway prize (yay!).  Sian, it should arrive tomorrow or Friday.  Deb, yours will be on its way, just as soon as I can set aside a good hour of free time, to make a proper job of the ribbon fastening - please bear with me?

So, Mum looked a fair bit better today.  She said she felt a lot better, though still very tired and feeling wobbly (hardly surprising, as she hasn't had a proper meal for 3 weeks!).  A chap comes round on a Wednesday, selling fish from his van.  It's always very fresh and really nice, so she bought a piece of salmon.  I cut off a small piece from this and she had it poached, with a little potato.  She felt okay after this and asked for some ice-cream!  By the time I came home in the afternoon, she was feeling alright, with a bit of colour in her face, watching her tv programme and planning an afternoon nap.  I think she is on the mend this time and hope the report back to the Dr. on Friday will be that she's nearly better (at last!). 

I already felt more positive anyway, but seeing her on the road to recovery has really helped. I will henceforth stop whingeing and get on with it!

* * *

So, I removed my post from yesterday.  I had posted some photos I'm rather proud of , which I'll post here again. 

Friday 12th March

I spent a very nice afternoon, visiting my niece and her lovely new baby girl.

Here is Alexie with her daddy.

Super-cute yawn!

She's really lovely and my niece seems to be settling down to being a new mum.  She has her elder sister to support her too, which I'm sure will be a great help.  She also has her boyfriend and his parents, whose house they all live in. DC is still at college, working for his degree. 
The baby was a bit of a "whoops", but they were very pleased, once they got over the shock!  DC's parents have been wonderful and treat C. as if she is part of the family.  She was staying there already anyway, but obviously a new baby on the way changes many things. 
They have supported their son and his girlfriend and been unfailingly kind and helpful.  The spare bedroom was turned over to them for a nursery and everything has been done to help them give their little girl a good start. 
Our family are so grateful to them for their goodness.  Obviously this is their grand-daughter too (their first also), but not all parents are so supportive to their grown-up son who has managed to "get the cart before the horse"!  They have gone the extra mile for their son and I'm sure it will make a huge difference to everyone involved (us too).  C. is a lovely girl and I don't forsee any problems with her behaviour. Hopefully the baby will be fairly easy to manage and all will go smoothly.  In a year or two, I hope we'll see the three of them settling into their own little home together.

That was Friday. 

Saturday 13th March

I spent the day at our Scrap Club crop. 

We had a great day together, getting on with our various projects, chatting and enjoying the lovely sunny weather outside the big windows at our new venue.  We used to meet at the scout hut in the next village, but this time we had the meeting room, attached to my local village hall.  It was a good size for our group, as we're still fairly small.  We hope to have some new members at the next meeting though.  We've booked this room for 3 more sessions at the start of May, June & July.  If we outgrow the room we have various other options within the village, so I hope it will continue to meet here at least once a month.  We may manage some weekday evenings too - the last one was quite successful, so I think we'll try it again soon.

If you live near to Bedford (UK!!), you may like to join us.  You would be made very welcome.  Our next planned meeting is Sunday 2nd of May (April got too complicated, with school holidays, Easter etc!).  After that we meet Sunday 6th June and Saturday 3rd July.  Give me a yell if you might make it and I'll be pleased to give you more information.

* * *

I also had a lovely card and present from J. for Mother's Day.  We visited my mum, with her present - a "squirrel-proof" bird seed feeder!  She was supposed to come over for lunch, but was still feeling pretty rotten, so we went to see her instead and had our roast lunch at dinner time (it was very nice - roast chicken with all the yummy trimmings).  We've promised her a lovely lunch another time, once she is well enough to come here and enjoy it.

* * *

Anyway, I must go now and do my evening jobs etc. Also need an early night, to keep this more positive mood ticking along.  Nothing like being over-tired to make me grumpy and miserable!

Have a good evening everyone.  I'm so lucky to have all my Blog-land friends!

Friday, 12 March 2010

The Pink, or the Brown? Did you win?

Okay, so it's not just "after 8 o'clock"... it's really almost 9:30.  In my defence, it's been a busy couple of weeks... and J. had trampoline club this evening. etc, etc.. In short, Sorry I'm a bit late!

So, the results of my little Mini Book(s) Giveaway!

Let me just go off to, to get a random number for Prize One, the Pink Mini Album/Sketchbook/Journal ....

There were 13 comments left for this little book. So....

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 13

Result: 2
Number 2!  Which iiiissss.... (one of those long pauses, like they do on tv - doesn't it drive you mad?)
Deb - of Paper Turtle. Yay!
Deb said I should choose the ribbon and closure myself.  So I will! It'll be a nice surprise for her and I might post a picture after she's received it.
So, Deb, please let me know where I should mail your little book. I'll try to get the closure fixed up over the weekend and to put it in the post on Monday.  But I will let you know as soon as it is on its way.  I hope you'll be pleased with it.

And Book number Two, the tiny little mini-book, by BadBooks.

By the way, I recommend checking out her Etsy shop just now... there are lots of lovely things there. I especially like the little notebooks with diamonds, or flowers on the cover. Very sweet. There's also a similar tiny book to the one in this giveaway and another couple of books covered with the same Liberty print from this mini-book's lining. Lots to see... go and look! (just so you know, I don't get paid for this plug! I just like her stuff.)

So, after the long pause.... another scoot off to the Random Number Generator (don't tell Horsey!)

There were 12 comments for this book -

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 12

Result: 4

Unbelievable... I must have been psychic or something...

Comment Number 4 is Sian of From High in the Sky!  She wins the teeny tiny notebook. Yay!

She really hadn't better tell Horsey how I chose her as the winner - he would not approve! However, I don't have a "Horsey" to help me, so has to do.

Sian, please let me know where to send your little prize. I will post it to you on Monday, so you should have it very soon.

So, there you are. The Two Winners are chosen... the rest must just accept my condolences and have a go at the next giveaway (of course there'll be a "next giveaway" - I love giving presents!).  Not sure when, or what the prize will be, but I'm sure I'll come up with something in a few weeks' time.

* * *

Got a very busy weekend planned.  Tomorrow is the meeting of our Scrap Club.  Luckily I don't have far to go - it's just round the corner! 

If anyone lives near enough to Bedford, to want to bother with the journey, we will be meeting here about once or twice a month, on a Saturday or Sunday, ( or maybe a weekday evening too).  We meet from 10am to 4pm.  The group is small, but perfectly formed (as they say!) and is growing now anyway.  It costs £10 for the day, which I think is great value. 

If you fancy coming along, give me a yell... (if you want to come tomorrow, it'll need to be a yell very soon!). We next meet on Sunday 2nd May, then Sunday 6th June (no April - Easter holidays and stuff got in the way).

Anyway, that's where I'm going tomorrow.  Still haven't decided which project(s) to take with me.  I'm pretty tired out just now and don't feel that awake this evening. I know I'll have a good time tomorrow, but packing my stuff seems like a huge effort tonight.  I think I will just have to do it in the morning.  At least if I forget something this time (like my cutting mat!), I can walk home and get it.

* * *

Sunday, of course, is Mothering Sunday in the UK.  We had planned a lovely roast chicken lunch, at home here, with my mother invited too.  However, she is still feeling pretty rotten and it looks as if she won't be fit enough.  I've promised her a lovely lunch once she feels better and I think we'll go and visit her for a while, then eat our roast chicken at evening-dinner time instead. 

I got her a nice present. It's a bird feeder for the garden; but it has a wire cage round it, to stop the squirrel from stealing all the birdseed.  He's been coming into the garden all winter and eating the birds' food. My mother is not pleased about it - she says he's eaten all of it. I think she's exaggerating and shouldn't begrudge a hungry squirrel his little share of the bird food, but she disagrees. 

So, hopefully this will restore peace and order in Mother's garden! At least, now Spring is just about here, the squirrel will be able to find alternative food sources.

* * *

Whatever you're all doing this weekend (I know, Amy and co, it's already Breakfast time on Saturday with you!).. have a great weekend!

Deb and Sian, don't forget to e-mail me your addresses.  My e-mail address is

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Stash, stash, more stash... and a few Cards for good measure!

Warning, this Post contains lots of words and pictures - you may need a cup of tea and a doughnut to eat while you're reading!

* * *

So, I missed Shimelle's "Getting Ready" exercise, for the new Something from almost Nothing course, as I didn't sign up til Tuesday. However, I'm quite happy to admit that yes, I do have quite a lot of stash! 

I did think, until recently, that I had a huge amount of stash - until, that is, I saw pictures of some other folks' craft rooms and/or stock piles! Now I just think I have "quite a lot".  I could open a market stall, but not a shop!

So, this morning I took five minutes out, (while the daylight was as good as it was likely to get) to capture a few bits of my studio.  It's still not "finished", as the permanent shelves are not here yet. I have borrowed some shelves from the utility/laundry room, but they aren't ideal.  This means things are not in their final places and also - quite important I suppose - there's still stuff downstairs, waiting to be brought up and arranged!

See this post from December, for more pics of my workroom layout (in case you're curious!)

So, let's start the chaos, with my Desk. 
This is on the right side of my wall-of-workspace. It is fixed, on its right edge, to one of those Ikea bookcases/storage units, with box-shaped openings. The pizza box holds my "The Project" scrapbook, that I started in January.I haven't got very far yet, which is not surprising I suppose, but I hope to make some progress soon - maybe at Scrap Club on Saturday.

And my Bookbinding Table, which was covered in card-making stuff - three Mother's Day cards and one for a new baby.  See my new scalloped 2" punch? Best thing I've bought in ages - it's so useful!

The chaos had even spread to the window-sill this morning! These do have homes - honest!
I was trying to use up Metal embellishments, as per Shimelle's first class prompt, so there were little storage boxes everywhere.

Above my Table is a shelf, containing various bits of kit for bookbinding etc, also some of my books, my bookbinding journal, note paper and various other bits.  The cute silvery pot that holds rulers (that long ruler is 50cm - I nearly bought a metre!), brushes etc came from the kitchen department of Ikea. I think it's supposed to be for utensils, but I like it for my stuff - it's ideal.

At the other end of that shelf is this box, containing bits and pieces for my new Bookbinding Project, also some stuff for making that New Baby card.  I like these boxes. They are magazine files, but instead of being designed for magazines to stand upright, they're designed for them to be stored long-ways.  This means the boxes are ideal for 12" paper, as well as packs of stickers, rub-ons, bits & pieces. I have at least 2 on the go, for projects.  The other two contain crafting magazines just now, but could be pressed into service at any time.  I also use pizza boxes to hold projects, but they take up a lot of desk-top, so I like these boxes much more (besides, these are so much prettier)!

This is my tall bookcase, which stands by the door. 

  • Starting from the Bottom: Books, a box of photos, some card-making kit and a tin of little embellishments and "stuff".

  • Next shelf up: Pizza boxes, containing 12" scrapbook papers (and a few 6" & 8" pads too), sorted into loose categories (as labelled - sort of).  Also an album of my scrap layouts.

  • Shelf 3: Two magazine holders, containing S.I. magazine and a few others. To the right, plastic holders, with 12" paper, various sets of scrappy lettering, more paper, a new 12" Laura Ashley scrap album, folders of paperwork and templates (for things like CD or DVD gift boxes, cut-outs for layered-paper greetings cards, sketches for cards - I used to make ALL my greetings cards, before I was injured. That's where the Stash problem began!).

  • Shelf 4 (only just seen in last photo!): Box of envelopes, various sizes, for cardmaking, box of music CDs (for when I fancy a bit of favourite music with my work), craft CDs, copy of Keri-Anne Pink's great little photograph book. 

  • Top Shelf: Box of Embellishments (various, need sorting out!), tray of cardmaking peel-offs, leather book in a nice box - bought from The Works for a fiver, intention to re-vamp it into something lovely - journals, empty 8" scrap album, bookbinding portfolio photo album, some of my hand-made books. 

  • Right on top (no photo): Box of curtains, brought down from the loft.  I want some of these for the sitting room and a pair of cream linen ones for my Studio/Spare room - as soon as we find the pole at the back of the garage.
Quite a lot of stuff... lots of Paper!

Yet More Paper! Plastic cases of 12" papers, including my plain Cardstock, kind-of sorted; also above my desk, cardboard boxes/pizza boxes with more 12" papers.  The "Christmas" box actually contains papers for various seasons.  I also have another plastic box with Christmas and Easter card-making kit, stamps, peel-offs, embellishments... you get the idea!
This box of ribbons, paints and embossing powders sits above my scrapping desk, on the long shelf next to the Ikea bookcase. 

Further along this shelf are:

  • a basket of crochet and yarns;

  • a tin of card toppers;

  • a basket with some of my sets of clear self-cling stamps and acrylic blocks; a narrow plastic box of ribbons and bits of tapes, fibres etc;

  • a large shoe-box, containing stock for my shop (hand-made books, sock pets, hand-made ribbon flower embellishments);

  • a large A4 journal I made, which is too big for the shoe-box;

  • an A4 plastic wallet, containing my various "Art Treasures" which I want to mount and put on the walls of my studio;

  • a card wallet, containing a print by Gingerlillytea (Keri-Anne Pink), which is going on the wall in the hallway, near the door of our new bedroom. 

and finally....
This! a little shelf-unit (formerly in our en-suite shower room at previous house, but not needed in the new one).  This holds jars of ribbon, beads, fabric, felt and crochet flowers, a teeny pot of flower brads, a shelf of jars with buttons, metal embellishments (oh, I forgot about those!), some silk mini-tassels, special buttons...

On the top is my little "Tweet", that I won in a giveaway by FeltMeUpDesigns on Etsy, also the birdhouse I bought from TimesandChimes (also on Etsy). Oh, and some packs of fabric flowers... they seem to be getting everywhere just now.

I haven't included everything...

  • like the boxes under my desk and table, containing paper... paper... more paper... oh, and some coloured wool for crochet, socks and stuffing for sock pets;

  • more paper... a folio with my printmaking weekend stuff in;

  • my fold-away photo white-box;

  • a few other crafty bits;

  • some boxes I was given containing braid in all kinds of colours and designs and also some lace;

  • my carrier for my equipment when I go to Scrap Club (or my course in January);

  • more paper; some boards for book covers; more boards;

  • bags with rolls of... paper; more bags of paper rolls; more boards and some cardboard;

  • the drawers under my table, with my electronicy bits for the computer, my camera, calculator;

  • the drawer of packing materials for shop sales;

  • my shop paperwork;

  • a drawer with my heat gun and heat-embossing tray, some watercolour crayons, misc bits of stuff...

It just goes on and on... I'm quite worn out with it all!

So, you see, I have plenty of STUFF and quite a bit of STASH too!

Just for a bit of light relief - assuming you have actually made it this far....

Two Mothers' Day cards.  I made (and posted) the first one yesterday.  But this is a better photo and also a picture of the inside.
The second card, I made today.  The close-up shows the little (metal!) butterfly brad, which I inked up to tone with the card colours. 
This card doesn't say "Happy Mothers Day" because it's for D's Nanna.  She is ill in hospital and almost certainly not feeling "happy" at all. We thought it would be a bit unkind to put "Happy" on her card, so we went for "On Mothers Day" and "With Love" inside. We hope that will cheer her up a little bit.


A New Baby card. I'm off to meet my new Great Niece tomorrow.  I haven't had time to make and send a card before, as I was looking after my mum.  Then those two Mothers Day cards needed to be posted today... so this had to be made after that. I can hand-deliver my card, which will be nice.

The little feet are from a great rubber stamp I bought some time ago.  I thought I had a hand-print one too, but I can't see that in the drawer - it must be somewhere...
I used the packaging card from a pack of flower and button embellishments (hence the flowers and buttons!).  It came with a ready-made scalloped edge, which I just had to use! I think it made a great background.  Then I used those 8 brads (eight, count them!), to decorate and attach the white stamped panels.  The words inside are from another fab little rubber stamp I've had for years. The little birdies are from a recent set by American Crafts - I'm using them everywhere just now!

I like this card. It's very bright, but also cheerful and fun. I hope my niece will be pleased with it too.

Well, that's me. All Blogged Out!

I hope you enjoyed my looong ramble and the photos of my own personal version of The Chaos Below.  I'm off to bed now. Need my beauty sleep!

Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to enter my Book Giveaway.  I will close it some time after 8pm and draw a winner for each book. If you want one of the books, then you need to go to the Giveaway Post and leave your comments!  If you don't enter, please don't complain that you didn't win!!

Good night all Blog Friends!


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