Sunday, 7 March 2010

Putting the Sun in Sunday!

Today has been so sunny and nice. It wasn't very warm - in fact I don't think it even made it as far as 10 degrees C today - but the sun makes everything seem warmer and lovely.

Sherlock has perked up no end.  The sunshine suits him. He went out into the garden today, on "Bird Patrol"
Here he is, watching some of "those birds", from their favourite feeding step.

Then he came back indoors, for a few cuddles from his favourite Servant:

Life is Sweet!

It was so nice, that we went for a walk by the river in the afternoon, followed by tea at Nando's restaurant.

Sunshine at 4:30pm

Tree Climbing

Mind you, it was pretty chilly, even with the sunshine. By the time we'd walked across the bridge, along Longholme Island and back over the Town Bridge, to Nando's, my face and ears were freezing.  I was glad to get back inside, but glad also that I ventured out and got a bit "woken up" by the sun!

Did I say I'd do penance for the pizza? Hmmm.. how did I end up eating chicken in Nando's, I wonder?  Soup and salad tomorrow, I think. But that's no hardship - I love soup! We did have a voucher for a free "Whole Chicken", since we're such regulars that our Loyalty Card was full (and we'd already claimed the free "1/4 Chicken" and free "1/2 Chicken" that you got when the card was 1/2 and 3/4 full! ).  We had a lovely dinner and it was all fairly healthy food. 

Today felt a bit like a holiday. I love the sunshine, but especially when it finally returns after a dull, grey, wet winter!


  1. Sherlock is so handsome!! Its great to see abit of sunshine back in the world isn't it!!

  2. What a gorgeous afternoon, beautiful sunshine and great photos Lizzie :-)

  3. Doesn't the sun just cheer you up....and bring us all out of hibernation.

  4. So true, the sun has lifted our spirits too :-) And HOW contented is that cat?! x

  5. It is so nice having sunny days finally isn't it?

  6. What a sweet kitty poo!!!

    The sun is slowly coming out for us here too. I am so relieved!



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