Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Best of Dads!

Hello all Bloggy-type friends! It's Saturday again.

I have the day to myself, which is unusual and rather nice for a change. I plan to work on the commission for LittleRose soon, but first I'm "blogging".

My DH has been away this week, in Sweden again.  He set up our laptops with Skype software, so we could have free phonecalls and video calls. This has been great, as we talk each evening "face to face". It also means he can stay in touch with J. and talk to him about his day. 

This week there were problems with the Internet connection at his appartments, which means the link was down in the evening, after about 6pm.  D. came up with the idea of "Skyping" at around 4pm instead, after J. got home from school. 

He also had a very good idea for him and J. which has made J. a happy boy...  They both have sets of "Warhammer" models and play games with them.  For the uninitiated majority, "Warhammer" is a fantasy gaming set-up, like a modern version of the old toy soldiers.  It's popular with boys in their tweens and teens, also with a number of adults (mostly male).  J. got very keen on this about 18 months ago and D. has acquired a set of models too, so he can join in with J. and help/support his hobby.  They build and paint their models together and play games, both at home and at the local Games Workshop, when they can book a big game table for a morning/afternoon/day. 

D. had the idea that we could set up a small board in my Studio, with some of his models (that he chose and J. fetched out of the box) and an army of J's stuff too.  They would play a Game, one move per day (note that this is not like Monopoly, where you throw a couple of dice, move your piece a few squares and maybe follow some instructions on a card you pick up, or buy a property etc).  Each move takes about 30-40 minutes, so it's quite good to do one a day.

Aerial View of the Battle so far!

J. has a Plan for his next move... he hopes to beat his Dad! 
At the moment, they are about even, so we'll see what happens next time!

Meanwhile, this sits on the floor of my studio. It's not too big, being a spare shelf for my new wardrobe, so about 1m x 50cm.  Still, it's made us clear up some of the clutter that had collected and made me keen to hurry up and get the sofa-bed I want to put in that space!

I think D. is a wonderful dad.  He thinks of great ways to keep involved in J's life, even when he is hundreds of miles away.

I love you my dear! xxx


  1. I agree, Lizzie. D is a great dad. How special for J that he and his dad share a hobby together, and very sweet that his dad would take the time to thoughtfully plan a way to stay connected. I love this story! :o) xo

    PS: I just emailed a thank you for my little package I received and LOVED!!!

  2. What a lovely great that your OH has to gone to so much trouble....hope they both enjoy the game.

  3. What a fab Dad! That's just the kind of thing J will remember when he's all grown up. I keep meaning to investigate skype..

  4. What a great post - the skype idea is terrific to begin with; you take things to a whole new level!

  5. Great idea for the two of them!
    Hope you have a lovely time in the studio today/yesterday/tomorrow .... time frames are confusing me at the moment!

  6. Awesome idea! My husband used to be into that game before the kids were born. Soon they will be old enough to play too

  7. That is sooo sweet and lovely :-) Just - awww... xx


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