Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I Won a Prize! and Commissions

Wow! I won a Blog Giveaway! I'm so thrilled...

I'm a regular visitor over at The Nerd Nest, who have had a few giveaways, with prizes selected from their treasure trove of foraged finds for their funky vintagey Etsy shop. I have entered them for fun, but I never expected to win a prize.  Today I was catching up on some posts from the last couple of days and went to take a look and see what happened with the giveaway.. and I was the winner!! I'm sooo excited. Follow the link to see the goodies I won (and have a look at their fun little blog)!

My sock bunnies are proving popular.  Today I sold the yellow one, with the bow-tie. 

I also got a commission from my mum, to make two for her.

And when I got home and logged into my shop, I had an enquiry about making a photo album/memory book like the baby book I posted on Sunday!

I sent her a quick quote and some notes and I'm waiting now to see if the customer wants to place the order. 

Life is Fun!

Oh, and I made this to go inside the front cover or on the first page of C & DC's baby album:


  1. ooh well done you, another fab giveaway well deserved. i love the bunnies so glad they r selling well.
    Jo xxx

  2. Well done,'s always worth entering giveaways...I've wo n a few.
    And hope you get the album order.

  3. Wow, more congratulations! :-) And I'm not surprised the bunnies are popular, they're soooo cute xx

  4. Auntie, the little book is so so lovely. Caroline and DC will love it x

  5. love the different faces on the sock bunnies and all so cute

  6. Congrats on the win, you busy girl! How fun for you to have all these great projects going on!


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