Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sunny Side Up!

No, not eggs! Me! Yesterday I wrote a long and rambly post, full of moans about how exhausted and depressed I was.... In fact, it was so miserable that I woke at 3am, had a change of heart, switched on my laptop and moved that post back to "Drafts"!

Thank you to Amy, Rinda and Sian, who all read it before then and wrote me some very kind and supportive comments. I really appreciated your encouragement!

Today I have felt a lot more positive. I had a reasonable nights' sleep, for the first time in a few days - that always helps.  I think the sunshine and blue skies have had a bit of an effect too.  Also, I made the decision, for myself, that my mum would need help for a few more days, so I should arrange my day so I could go over and make her some lunch today. 

I went over there mid-morning, stopping by the post office on the way, to post Sian's giveaway prize (yay!).  Sian, it should arrive tomorrow or Friday.  Deb, yours will be on its way, just as soon as I can set aside a good hour of free time, to make a proper job of the ribbon fastening - please bear with me?

So, Mum looked a fair bit better today.  She said she felt a lot better, though still very tired and feeling wobbly (hardly surprising, as she hasn't had a proper meal for 3 weeks!).  A chap comes round on a Wednesday, selling fish from his van.  It's always very fresh and really nice, so she bought a piece of salmon.  I cut off a small piece from this and she had it poached, with a little potato.  She felt okay after this and asked for some ice-cream!  By the time I came home in the afternoon, she was feeling alright, with a bit of colour in her face, watching her tv programme and planning an afternoon nap.  I think she is on the mend this time and hope the report back to the Dr. on Friday will be that she's nearly better (at last!). 

I already felt more positive anyway, but seeing her on the road to recovery has really helped. I will henceforth stop whingeing and get on with it!

* * *

So, I removed my post from yesterday.  I had posted some photos I'm rather proud of , which I'll post here again. 

Friday 12th March

I spent a very nice afternoon, visiting my niece and her lovely new baby girl.

Here is Alexie with her daddy.

Super-cute yawn!

She's really lovely and my niece seems to be settling down to being a new mum.  She has her elder sister to support her too, which I'm sure will be a great help.  She also has her boyfriend and his parents, whose house they all live in. DC is still at college, working for his degree. 
The baby was a bit of a "whoops", but they were very pleased, once they got over the shock!  DC's parents have been wonderful and treat C. as if she is part of the family.  She was staying there already anyway, but obviously a new baby on the way changes many things. 
They have supported their son and his girlfriend and been unfailingly kind and helpful.  The spare bedroom was turned over to them for a nursery and everything has been done to help them give their little girl a good start. 
Our family are so grateful to them for their goodness.  Obviously this is their grand-daughter too (their first also), but not all parents are so supportive to their grown-up son who has managed to "get the cart before the horse"!  They have gone the extra mile for their son and I'm sure it will make a huge difference to everyone involved (us too).  C. is a lovely girl and I don't forsee any problems with her behaviour. Hopefully the baby will be fairly easy to manage and all will go smoothly.  In a year or two, I hope we'll see the three of them settling into their own little home together.

That was Friday. 

Saturday 13th March

I spent the day at our Scrap Club crop. 

We had a great day together, getting on with our various projects, chatting and enjoying the lovely sunny weather outside the big windows at our new venue.  We used to meet at the scout hut in the next village, but this time we had the meeting room, attached to my local village hall.  It was a good size for our group, as we're still fairly small.  We hope to have some new members at the next meeting though.  We've booked this room for 3 more sessions at the start of May, June & July.  If we outgrow the room we have various other options within the village, so I hope it will continue to meet here at least once a month.  We may manage some weekday evenings too - the last one was quite successful, so I think we'll try it again soon.

If you live near to Bedford (UK!!), you may like to join us.  You would be made very welcome.  Our next planned meeting is Sunday 2nd of May (April got too complicated, with school holidays, Easter etc!).  After that we meet Sunday 6th June and Saturday 3rd July.  Give me a yell if you might make it and I'll be pleased to give you more information.

* * *

I also had a lovely card and present from J. for Mother's Day.  We visited my mum, with her present - a "squirrel-proof" bird seed feeder!  She was supposed to come over for lunch, but was still feeling pretty rotten, so we went to see her instead and had our roast lunch at dinner time (it was very nice - roast chicken with all the yummy trimmings).  We've promised her a lovely lunch another time, once she is well enough to come here and enjoy it.

* * *

Anyway, I must go now and do my evening jobs etc. Also need an early night, to keep this more positive mood ticking along.  Nothing like being over-tired to make me grumpy and miserable!

Have a good evening everyone.  I'm so lucky to have all my Blog-land friends!


  1. So glad your mum is on the mend....and you're feeling more positive today....sleep followed by a bit of sun definately helps!
    The newest member of your family looks gorgeous....good luck to all 3 of them.

  2. sorry to hear mum's been sick and ur depressed............know that feeling well. did wonder what had happened to the post, couldnt find it but had the pic of ur niece. the baby is really beautiful and quite big isnt she. her parents look really happy.
    hope u have a better nights sleep. i am off to bed now too as i am bored and tired, plus abit fedup myself. i didnt get the nhs direct job, working last week has messed up my benefits so no money infact the bank have made me overdrawn and charged me for the privilege!!!!! i have got another 4 days work next week though at the college again with the same students so i'll get some money next month but it keeps meaning i have to sign off and then back on again. benefits are complicated and i dont want to be done for benefit fraud!!!!
    Jo xxx

  3. Poor you, Jo! Do they still have this crummy, antiquated system with benefits? It's about time they started encouraging the unemployed to work! Good for you for sticking to it.
    I am sorry you didn't get your NHS Direct job - I hope there's an even better one just waiting round that corner!

  4. Lizzie I'm glad you re-posted with all of the photos, there has been a lot going on for you at the moment and these photos are great!
    It sounds like your Mum is progressing, hopefully each day will be easier for you all :-)

  5. Glad your mom is doing better. Your grand niece is adorable!

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling cheerier today. Sending lots of hugs and good thoughts your way.

  7. Everyone is so friendly and nice! I am so glad I took that blogging course with Shimelle last November - it really got me started with my blog and I have been so lucky to find such a great group of "blog friends"!

    Thank you, everyone! x

  8. I'm glad you put those gorgeous baby pictures back up again!

    Good to hear that you got a good nights sleep and that your mum is a bit cheerier too. x

  9. I was confused by being unable to find your post too! I'm glad that it's gone because you're feeling better xx

    Also so pleased to hear of your mother's improvement, may it continue and fast!

    Lovely pics, thanks for sharing :-) (I love other people's babies!)

    You asked about my alpha stamps - I've had them so long that I can't remember where I got them from, I'm sorry - they were my first ever set! They're called 'Celtic Alphabet' and they're by PSX (the label says PSX, Santa Rosa, CA. It also says Alphabet Pixie TM). Hope this is of some help.... x

  10. Hi Lizzie ~ I have had a busy week and am behind with reading and commenting on blog-friend-posts. Just catching up this morning and sorry to hear that you had a hard time. I missed the post you ended up removing - sad to hear that you felt you had to remove it, but I understand. And, sometimes there is great power in typing everything out and letting it go.

    NO WORRIES on getting my book done and mailed! I'm excited to receive it, but certainly don't want you to be stressed about it. I know I'll receive it in due time and I'll be happy when it arrives. :o)

    Your baby niece is SOOO adorable - LOVE baby yawns!!! And I hope your mom is doing even better now!

    Keep the faith! xo

  11. Lizzie, glad things are looking better for you and your mum, and thanks for your comments. There isn't lower age limit for U3A as such as far as I know, it is for 'older' people who no longer work full time. Most people seem to be in their late 50s onward. A google search will turn up your local group and give you some details of meetings and so on. Best wishes, Jill.


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