Monday, 1 March 2010

Sock Bunny Update - A Message to all...

Spangle, who won my Sock Bunny Giveaway last week, has asked me (via Twitter), to post this message:

"spangle011 @LizzieMade pls will u post message on blog to say thk u for every1s good wishes and that lizziebunny very much settled in xx "

I have been receiving messages since Saturday morning, when the Bunny arrived.  Spangle's little girl is totally smitten with it and has played with it all weekend.  It has cheered her up, as she's poorly with an ear infection. I think it made the weekend easier for both of them as it provided a good distraction.

I'm so pleased the Bunny has found a good home!


  1. bunny is still soooo cute

    you asked on my website about the template - it is a digi layered template and yes you just add in photos and paper in the appropriate places - the easy way to do digi

  2. 'lizziebunny' .... love that name, I can see a whole range of 'lizziebunnies'

  3. Oh, that's so sweet. I had been so disappointed that I didn't win that little bunny, and then found out this morning that I had won two other giveaways! :o) I'm glad it went to a good home.

    Thanks for leaving the note on my blog - I'm shocked (and relieved) to hear that even you can mess up when making a book. Yesterday when I realized my mistake I was SO upset and I thought of you. My thought was, "If I lived close to Lizzie I'd be knocking at her door begging for help!" lol

    Though not happy with it, I probably could have lived with the cover, but when I discovered that one of the knots in my binding had come loose and the whole thing would need to be dismantled anyway I knew I had to just start over. Oh well. I've learned a few things NOT to do with this project!

    Hope you are having a fabulous day!

  4. glad lizzie bunnie has settled into her new home and is providing nursing and parenting advise already. what a well brought up bunnie she is
    Jo xxx

  5. Hi hun! I spotted your msg on helena's blog. The templates are layered, so you drop your photos and papers over the top and "clip" them to the shapes (CTRL+G) - super easy (photoshop or photoshop elements).

    You can change the shapes around if you want to or just use bits and pieces of the templates.

    Shimelle has a good tutorial here:

    and Cathy Zielske has a freebie download to try here:

    Speed scrapping in digi only comes with time...the first few take AGES to master, but well worth it when you get the hang of it, I can whizz pages up in 15 mins.

    Hope that helps :)

  6. It really is such a cute bunny! Wonderful Lizzie. :)

  7. Thanks, everyone for the lovely comments. And special thanks to Helena and Liberty for the info about digi templates. xx


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