Friday, 12 March 2010

The Pink, or the Brown? Did you win?

Okay, so it's not just "after 8 o'clock"... it's really almost 9:30.  In my defence, it's been a busy couple of weeks... and J. had trampoline club this evening. etc, etc.. In short, Sorry I'm a bit late!

So, the results of my little Mini Book(s) Giveaway!

Let me just go off to, to get a random number for Prize One, the Pink Mini Album/Sketchbook/Journal ....

There were 13 comments left for this little book. So....

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 13

Result: 2
Number 2!  Which iiiissss.... (one of those long pauses, like they do on tv - doesn't it drive you mad?)
Deb - of Paper Turtle. Yay!
Deb said I should choose the ribbon and closure myself.  So I will! It'll be a nice surprise for her and I might post a picture after she's received it.
So, Deb, please let me know where I should mail your little book. I'll try to get the closure fixed up over the weekend and to put it in the post on Monday.  But I will let you know as soon as it is on its way.  I hope you'll be pleased with it.

And Book number Two, the tiny little mini-book, by BadBooks.

By the way, I recommend checking out her Etsy shop just now... there are lots of lovely things there. I especially like the little notebooks with diamonds, or flowers on the cover. Very sweet. There's also a similar tiny book to the one in this giveaway and another couple of books covered with the same Liberty print from this mini-book's lining. Lots to see... go and look! (just so you know, I don't get paid for this plug! I just like her stuff.)

So, after the long pause.... another scoot off to the Random Number Generator (don't tell Horsey!)

There were 12 comments for this book -

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 12

Result: 4

Unbelievable... I must have been psychic or something...

Comment Number 4 is Sian of From High in the Sky!  She wins the teeny tiny notebook. Yay!

She really hadn't better tell Horsey how I chose her as the winner - he would not approve! However, I don't have a "Horsey" to help me, so has to do.

Sian, please let me know where to send your little prize. I will post it to you on Monday, so you should have it very soon.

So, there you are. The Two Winners are chosen... the rest must just accept my condolences and have a go at the next giveaway (of course there'll be a "next giveaway" - I love giving presents!).  Not sure when, or what the prize will be, but I'm sure I'll come up with something in a few weeks' time.

* * *

Got a very busy weekend planned.  Tomorrow is the meeting of our Scrap Club.  Luckily I don't have far to go - it's just round the corner! 

If anyone lives near enough to Bedford, to want to bother with the journey, we will be meeting here about once or twice a month, on a Saturday or Sunday, ( or maybe a weekday evening too).  We meet from 10am to 4pm.  The group is small, but perfectly formed (as they say!) and is growing now anyway.  It costs £10 for the day, which I think is great value. 

If you fancy coming along, give me a yell... (if you want to come tomorrow, it'll need to be a yell very soon!). We next meet on Sunday 2nd May, then Sunday 6th June (no April - Easter holidays and stuff got in the way).

Anyway, that's where I'm going tomorrow.  Still haven't decided which project(s) to take with me.  I'm pretty tired out just now and don't feel that awake this evening. I know I'll have a good time tomorrow, but packing my stuff seems like a huge effort tonight.  I think I will just have to do it in the morning.  At least if I forget something this time (like my cutting mat!), I can walk home and get it.

* * *

Sunday, of course, is Mothering Sunday in the UK.  We had planned a lovely roast chicken lunch, at home here, with my mother invited too.  However, she is still feeling pretty rotten and it looks as if she won't be fit enough.  I've promised her a lovely lunch once she feels better and I think we'll go and visit her for a while, then eat our roast chicken at evening-dinner time instead. 

I got her a nice present. It's a bird feeder for the garden; but it has a wire cage round it, to stop the squirrel from stealing all the birdseed.  He's been coming into the garden all winter and eating the birds' food. My mother is not pleased about it - she says he's eaten all of it. I think she's exaggerating and shouldn't begrudge a hungry squirrel his little share of the bird food, but she disagrees. 

So, hopefully this will restore peace and order in Mother's garden! At least, now Spring is just about here, the squirrel will be able to find alternative food sources.

* * *

Whatever you're all doing this weekend (I know, Amy and co, it's already Breakfast time on Saturday with you!).. have a great weekend!

Deb and Sian, don't forget to e-mail me your addresses.  My e-mail address is


  1. Congratulations to Deb and Sian - they will love their new handmade books!
    It's a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning and it is expected to reach around 27C today - perfect! Hope your crop goes well Lizzie :-)

  2. Ah, now I understand why my UK friends were making Mother's Day cards so early! In the states, we celebrate Mother's Day in May!
    Congrats to the winners!

  3. Congrats to Deb and Sian :-) Enjoy your prizes x

    Have a lovely weekend Lizzie, hope your Mum is feeling well enough to enjoy her day on Sunday - and you have a good day too! x

  4. Hooray!!! I won! I won!!! :o) Thanks so much, Lizzie. I can't wait to receive my book from you. I'm off to email you right now...

    PS: Congrats to Sian too! :o)!!!

  5. Oh, wow! What a lovely Mothers Day surprise! Thank you's a very dark and dull Saturday afternoon here, and now it feels a lot brighter :) congrats to Deb, too.

    Have a good weekend and I'll be in touch!

  6. Congratulations to Sian and Deb, Those mini-books are really cute! Thank you so much to Lizzie for your comments on my blog, they're really appreciated. :)

  7. Wow love the prizes! Deb and Sian are very lucky! Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. My bro and I aren't twins but a lot of ppl think we are. There is only 21months between us so we are only one school year apart! Hope u enjoyed mothering sunday! xxxx

  8. congrats deb and sian...........cant wait to see the copmpleted books with ribbons!!!
    Jo xxx


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