Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dear Blog Friends...

A little letter to my dear Blog Friends:

Dear Blog Friends,

I just wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate your kind comments - that you still come by, to see what I have posted and take the time and trouble to read and comment, even though I have hardly been "here" for weeks.

It's so encouraging to read a friendly comment on my blog posts. It makes me smile and I feel a little bit lighter-of-heart for the rest of the day. 

I am sorry that I've been so busy, that I have neglected you all.  I do love to read your news and see the photos and projects you have been working on.  I miss you all while I'm so busy - even though I have only met a few of you "for real" (and only for a short while), even though you are all over the world, you are my friends and I miss your company (it is company, even if online).  But the comments you leave show me that you still remember me and that makes all the difference!

I hope to be back in Blogland very soon. I want to finish the posts I was writing, about the Longstitch Notebook, also to add to the "Binding Makes the Book" series a bit more.  I want to post my holiday photos (when I've had time to edit them!) and show you some pictures of the lovely work my students are doing this week. 

Meanwhile, I think of you all often (as a group and individuals), I wonder how you're getting on, I pray for those who I know are in need of that extra little bit of support and help from Heaven.   I appreciate that you think of me too.

With Love


Friday, 10 August 2012

Just a Quick Update

Hello All Blog Friends!

Just  a quick update, as everyone has left such kind and friendly messages on my previous post, where I said I was feeling ill.  Thank you everyone - I really appreciate it!

We had a lovely holiday at the seaside. My cough has gone and my asthma is so much better (no symptoms most of the time). 

However, just after we arrived home, I had a phone call, to say my mum was in hospital.  She has had a "mini" stroke, which is being treated with care by very kind hospital staff.  She's recovering well, but I am very busy doing the sort of jobs that crop up when a relative is in hospital!

I'm also completing the preparation for the Children's University Bookbinding Workshop I will be teaching next week. 

It's all "go" here...

I will be back as soon as possible - watch this space!



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