Friday, 10 August 2012

Just a Quick Update

Hello All Blog Friends!

Just  a quick update, as everyone has left such kind and friendly messages on my previous post, where I said I was feeling ill.  Thank you everyone - I really appreciate it!

We had a lovely holiday at the seaside. My cough has gone and my asthma is so much better (no symptoms most of the time). 

However, just after we arrived home, I had a phone call, to say my mum was in hospital.  She has had a "mini" stroke, which is being treated with care by very kind hospital staff.  She's recovering well, but I am very busy doing the sort of jobs that crop up when a relative is in hospital!

I'm also completing the preparation for the Children's University Bookbinding Workshop I will be teaching next week. 

It's all "go" here...

I will be back as soon as possible - watch this space!



  1. Hi Lizzie, and so glad to read that you are feeling better in yourself, but that you Mum has been unwell - thinking of you, and guessing just how busy you must be with all of this. Hope the children's work is really rewarding, and thinking of you.

  2. Another curve-ball? Life is better being busy than boring, but I feel for you that the busy isn't more fun. Thinking of you & your family - good luck with the workshop!

  3. I'm sorry to hear this and I hope your Mum continues to improve Lizzie. Best of luck with the workshop

  4. wishing your mum well, glad you are improving and good luck with the bookbinding xxx

  5. Sending best wishes and prayers out to your mum for a continued recovery and for strength to you as you help her out.

  6. Best wishes to your Mum and to you as well, you sound very busy and I am sure you have a lot on your plate.

  7. My prayers for your family & for your mom's fast recovery

  8. My prayers for your family Lizzie. So glad to hear that you are feeling better though. xxx


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