Monday, 1 July 2013

Guitar Festival

The local Music Service for Schools organised a Guitar Festival last week and invited their young guitarists to join in.

We had an ensemble of mostly middle-school children (age 8/9-13), with a few of the older people from upper schools.  They had learned "parts" for various popular song tunes, including "Yellow" and a "mash-up" of "Batman/Superman" theme tunes.  They also played "Chasing Cars" and one of the teachers' daughters sang the lyrics (very nicely). 

There were also some rock bands, both middle and upper school bands, who were pretty alright.  The seniors from a local upper school had won a prize for their performance, at a "Battle of the Bands" competition.  They made a pretty good stab at "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" (The Darkness) - which is a really tricky piece. Their (female) vocalist did it really well.

Some children performed a solo or duet, including James.  Of course, I recorded it on my camera... He chose a piece that he learned last year and played well, with only a couple of small hiccups, due to being a bit "rusty".  I don't suppose the audience really noticed any mistakes and we were proud of him; his music teacher told him he'd done well too.

(Apologies for the noise and crackle on the video - my camera isn't brilliant and I wasn't sitting close enough to cut out background noise...You may need to raise the volume setting on your computer, so you can hear the music... )

Proud of You!


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