Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Surprise Ring of the Doorbell

This morning I was working up here in my studio - I love typing that word - it's almost finished now, you know! ... anyway... there I was, working away on the commission from LittleRose.... (Mum's a lot better and I have some time to work.. so happy!)

"Ding Dong" (yes, our doorbell does make the traditional sound).

Downstairs I went... (cue that music from "Mary, Mungo & Midge" - remember them? - for going down in the lift)...

This is what the Postman gave me!

My initial reaction was "Good God!" (sorry Lord...) as it was such a huge parcel.  Also I hadn't ordered any stuff and couldn't think where it could be from.  I made the postie check it really was for me.  There had been a card through the door yesterday, to say they'd tried to deliver something when I was out, but I had forgotten about it.  Then I saw the name "Megan" on the sender label and remembered...

So, having lugged it upstairs (cue the "going up in the lift" music!), I set about opening it up.

Sneaky peek inside... oooh...

This is what was inside the parcel:-

I was a bit stunned to have won the giveaway, which they set up to celebrate their 75th Blog follower (along the lines of "Any Excuse for a Celebration" I think, hee hee).  To tell the truth, I had forgotten about it (mostly).

I am very humbled by the generosity of some folks.  These guys are students, working hard at college.  They have a dear little girl and a lovely loft appartment in Kansas City.  They seem to be lovely folks and put such interesting posts on their blog. I've been following them for a while now and really enjoy the regular posts - such as Music Monday - a playlist on a theme, every Monday, reports about their Life in the City and fun updates about the finds they unearth at second hand shops (thrift stores) and antique/junk shops, which they post in their fabby little Etsy Shop.  

Also, Megan has an artistic bent and likes to make fun and funky things - like that altered notice board above. If it wasn't that postage from USA is sooo expensive (hold that thought!), I would be a regular customer of their shop.  I find so many items I would love to own, but it's just too expensive to have a filing cabinet, bookcase, or even an old record stand to use for my 12" papers, shipped from Kansas.

And to return to the postage... these folks cheerfully sent this fabulous parcel all the way from Kansas to me in UK, without any comment about the phenomenal cost of posting it! I just hope it didn't mean they all had to eat baked beans on toast for 3 weeks....

Thank you so much, Guys!

So, more detail about what was in that bountiful parcel.....

Here is a closer look at the lovely Notice Board.

See the hand-painted trees, each one different; and the lovely birdies, attached at various points; and the fun border of wonderfully dotty fabric, with the raw edges and overlaps... all kind-of "hand made it by myself just for you".  I think it's great.  I will have to fight to keep it, as J. already expressed an interest when he saw the original prize post on Nerdnest blog!  It's Mine! He can't have it!

I will find this a special place on the Art Wall in my Studio.  The question will be whether I ever use it as a notice board, because it's too cute to cover up!

A large piece (3/8 yd) of this lovely fabric, called "Midnight Kisses", by Heidi Grace. 
A hand made Fawn Hairband, by Megan, for Nerdnest.
A cool Bridge Score Pad - perfect for some Scrapping!

A Polaroid I-Zone, mini-photo instant camera, with some film for 6 photos.

I don't know whether to keep it in its pack for ever & ever, use it (and could I get more film...) or give it to a certain person I know, who loves cameras... must think it over a bit more.  It's such a cool gift!

And talking of scrapping...

A bit of plum-coloured yarn and some fabby tape, used to stick the parcel.  I must salvage some of this and use it for a great layout - I wonder what I could scrap about... duh!

I'm a bit overwhelmed by this amazing present.  These are people I only know a little, through blogging, and have never been lucky enough to meet.  Yet they have set up this fab giveaway and sent me such a wonderful treat.

I feel very blessed today.  There are some great people in the world. I so wish everyone could be so nice, then we'd all get along so much better.

Once again...

Thank you Megan, Jake and Eli!


  1. Well, wow! I'm not surprised you were so stunned. What an absolutely fabulous giveaway.I can't even begin to imagine what the postage came to. There are a lot of nice people around!

    And I loved the Mary, Mungo and Midge reference. You know I always enjoy a little bit of surprise nostalgia!

  2. Wow, that is quite a prize package! How fun for you. :o) Congrats on your big win!

  3. Wow - that's stunning! Hooray for you :-) (And I loved Mary, Mungo and Midge!)

  4. What a wondeful 'surprise' package.

  5. Fantastic Lizzie! What a great surprise - I love the notice board, the colours are wonderful and I can see why you might need to put it in the studio quickly .... I'd want it for my room as well!

  6. How cool! What a lovely prize! Enjoy!
    (BTW, thanks for letting me know about the pictures on my blog! all fixed!)

  7. Wow! What a great prize, loving the funky parcel tape too!

  8. mmmh that looks like such an awesome parcel! congrats on winning it you lucky thing! Wud love to have a go at making a pin board but that one looks so good, I daren't try as mine would look awful! Lol! Thanks for sharing

    Loves xxx

  9. What an awesome surprise...super cute!!

  10. Thanks for the kind words, Lizzie! We're glad you love it!


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