Sunday, 21 March 2010

Flowers all Around!

Shimelle posted some challenges for those of us taking her current online class - "Something from (almost) Nothing". 
The Sunday Challenge was to choose an item from our stash and use at least 10 of them in a layout or project. 

This is my project. It's a (very busy!) Birthday Card, for my mother's friend.  She'll be 80 on Wednesday, so my mum was keen to have a card to give her. 
I chose paper Flowers for my item to use lots of.  There are 12 flowers on this card, plus the large hand-made flower embellishment at the bottom.  I've also used brads as centres - some of those are also flowers. 

There are 6 brads on the card, plus 2 ribbons, 3 butterflies (one is inside) and 5 different papers from my stash. Also a  little "Patti" figure that I coloured and cut out.

The papers were printed last year, from the "Patti Picklicious" CD by Kirsty Wiseman.  (Those who are regular readers of my posts, will know that I'm a "Kirsy Groupie" and loved her two CDs of printable papers and other lovely stuff.)  I used most of the papers I'd printed off, but those extras just sat in my stash, so it's good to use them up (though I can print more whenever I like lol!).

I do hope that my mum and her friend like the card. It seems very busy in the photo. It looks better in real life - probably because you get the 3 dimensions and it is bigger.  I like it anyway.  Recently I've made some really busy stuff - in direct response to Shimelle's "use your stash" ethos! My cards are normally rather more restrained and English in style!!

* * *

I'm still working on the 8" Baby Photo Album commission for my Etsy shop.  I hope to be able to post pictures of it, once it has been finished and received by its new owner.  Meanwhile, I think I could put some pictures of the papers I'm using:- 

These are by "K and Company", from a range called "Dollhouse", designed by Brenda Walton.  They look a bit muted in these photos - they're a bit brighter in reality.

The customer has chosen these papers, to be used in a similar way to the "patchwork" effect pages I made for C's album earlier this month.

I'm having such fun with this project and was able to send her pictures today, of the pages so far.

I have made most of the pages,with the exception of the inside-covers.  They need to be embellished and have some sort of journalling/labelling tags or strips added.  The covers need to be made and I have to decide on their colours/structure. I will put acetate over the covers, to protect them, just as I did with the first album.  So decisions still need to be made about the covers. 

I hope the customer likes the work so far, then I can get on with the rest of it and finish the book.  It should be very pretty when it's finished!

Busy, busy... but it's the nicest kind of busy in the world!


  1. It's a gorgeous card Lizzie, your Mum and her friend are sure to love it :-) The book looks great too, can't wait to see the finished product! x

  2. Lovely card...I'm sure your mum's friend will be delighted.

  3. Beautiful card! I saw it in the class, but it's even better on your blog.
    Thanks for posting,

  4. That's a great card it looks like you worked really hard on it. Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog too, I really do appreciate it :)

  5. Love that card! I love the textural feel of having lots of things on a card

  6. It's a great card Lizzie - they will both love it I'm sure! Well done on rising to the challenge - I'm failing miserably in this area of the class.

  7. I like the papers you are using for the baby album. I can't wait to see it when it's finished.


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