Sunday, 28 February 2010

Celebrating on Sunday!

Hello all Friends! Happy Sunday!

I've had a busy few days and now have a few things to celebrate as a result!

Firstly, it's nearly Spring!! These photos were taken yesterday morning, in our garden - just before it started raining! The snowdrops have been out for two or three weeks, but the crocus had only been in bud for a couple of days.  The sun came out yesterday morning and *POP*!  They are so pretty and it feels like Spring at last!

Secondly, I want to celebrate finding a bar of choccy, just when I had a big chocolate craving. I have been very naughty and hidden it in this box.  It's in among a pile of containers, which have crafting stuff in .. I know it's sad, but I feel kind of pleased to have my very own chocolate stash.  Of course, in a day or so, once I've eaten a couple more pieces, I'll take it out and share it with J. I never have a secret stash for long - I like sharing.  But I didn't know I still had this bar left over from Christmas and I just feel like hiding it for a little while... Does anyone else have a secret, sneaky store of sweeties?

The last thing I want to celebrate is finishing a Project that I've been busy with for weeks (on and off).  It's a photo album for my niece, C. and her BF, who are expecting their first baby any day now.  We know it will be a girl, but they're being very quiet about name ideas, so there are still surprises to come.  I have had such a lovley time making this, choosing paper and card, designing each pair of pages, but making sure it all "flows" nicely, adding the ribbons, flowers, brads etc, making the little tags for them to label their photos...

Last night I finished the final pages and the back cover, then punched the holes and put it all together with the lovely gold book rings.  It was fun to tie all the ribbon and fibres to the rings.  It made it feel "really finished"! 

Here are the photos I just took, of the book, showing the pages pair by pair. I am quite proud of myself and think they will love it!

PS: If Keri-Anne is reading this, please don't tell C & DC about it.. I want them to have a surprise!

The photos will expand a bit, if you click on them.

New Baby Girl Photo Album 8" x 8"

Hmm, the back cover looks a bit squashed to me! I don't know why that is.. I thought it was ok when I saved the photo! Anyway, it is as square as the rest of the book - honest!

I have tried to leave a good space on each page, so it will hold a 6x4" or 7x5" print in at least one direction.  I have put little headings/prompts on some pages (such as "Bath Time", "Daddy's Girl", "Friendship" or "Girls Rule"), but I have left many blank to allow them to choose their own subject, depending on their pictures. I hope that way, they will have some help for ideas of what to put in the album, so they do use it, but it doesn't seem as if they are being forced to only use pictures I wanted them to use!

The front and back covers have overlays of printed acetate, to keep them clean and provide a bit of extra strength. 

Most of the papers are "Sweet Nothings" by Papermania (a 6" paper pad), with the cupcake paper by Stemma and the pink with white polka dots by PebblesInc.

The cardstock (pink and white) is Bazzill. 

The embellishments are a variety of stickers from PebblesInc, Papermania, Me&MyBigIdeas;
cutouts from the Sweet Nothings papers;
flowers by Papermania;
flower brads, ribbons and assorted other bits from my stash. 

I also made some tags, using Bazzill ribbed white cardstock - which I also used to make the back cover - and stamps by Papermania and American Crafts. 

Overall, I think it looks pretty good and I'm very pleased with my work.  Definitely a cause for celebration!

Of course, I'm hoping to be celebrating the safe arrival of a new Great Niece any day soon - that will be a much bigger celebration... but I'm holding my breath right now!!


  1. The album is gorgeous...they will love it.
    We have crocus just starting...not flowering yet...and I too sometimes have a choccy stash!!!

  2. So lovely to see those crocuses! I'm definitely more of a sweets girl..sometimes I have a secret stash of jellybeans (but don't tell anyone, will you?)

  3. Gorgeous album, and hooray for signs of spring! :-) We have snowdrops and the odd crocus and daffodil is on its way, but not in flower yet!

    Share chocolate? Does not compute....

  4. wow what a beautiful album, hope they love it like u do, yuo've put so much work into it. i hide my chocolate in the fridge mainly from myself oh and my mum when she visits!!!!
    Jo xxx

  5. lovely to see the crocuses - they are so pretty and so fleeting.

    the album is great - love the variety of layouts that you used. What a great gift

  6. Your niece is going to LOVE that album. It's adorable!!!

    And yes, I have a secret chocolate stash too. You're better at sharing than I am though. ;o)

  7. I don't have a secret stash of chocs or lollies, unfortunately I'm the sort that buys and eats ... a bit of a problem!

  8. the album is TOTALLY gorgeous!

  9. Really pretty little girl book - it will be loved, I'm sure. Thank you for brightening my day with the soring flowers - enjoy the coccy!

  10. Wonderful album! I keep a stash of organic dark chocolate bars in my closet, hidden under the work out clothes.

  11. Crocuses and snowdrops would do... will have to wait for April here....
    thanks for pretty pictures

  12. WONDERFUL album. Love your chocolate stash too. hehehehe


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