Monday, 22 February 2010

Whether the Weather...

The Weather:

It's a commonly held conception, all over the world, that the British - or at least the English - spend half our time in conversation about the Weather.
I suppose it's hardly surprising, when it is so very changeable, that we do really talk - and write - rather a lot about it!  

I mean, really, when it's like this one day...

then the next it's like this....

and this...

and you wake up and look out at a sky like this...

with the garden looking like this again...

and even the birds are fed up...

Is is any wonder we all Moan?

For several days, we've woken to snow and ice.  By 11am it's all been gone away. 
Except for today.  When we woke, it was snowing.  The kids went back to school, after their half-term holiday, getting snowed on and making bets that it would be gone by lunch time.
Today it wasn't. It snowed all morning. And half the afternoon. 

Problem was, it was only 0 degrees (c).  Which meant that the snow was just wet and sloppy.  Although it sat on the ground, the underneath layer got warm and melted, making piles of yukky slush. 

I had to go out to do my Monday jobs.  It involves driving to the village nearby, where my mum lives. I visit the Post Office, to collect her pension money, the doctors' to get her prescription, the lady who sells eggs, to get hers & her neighbours' eggs, then her house, delivering all the above, plus her weekly shopping which was delivered here first thing in the morning (along with mine!).

I have to walk: from the car to the post office (not far), from the post office to the dr (not far), from there to the car, from the car park to the egg-lady's house (not far), then back, from the car to my mum's (really not far!) and back....

Not a lot of walking.  Just a few yards really.

So, why were my feet soaking wet?!

After lunch, the snow finally stopped.  By 3pm, when the mums went to get the littlies from school, it was all gone away.  J. walked home in the dry, though he went out in the wet.

My boots were finally dry, but I won't wear them in the snow again - not if it's going to be slushy.  From now on, it'll be waterproof boots to and from the car!


Giveaway Reminder

Remember that, if you would like a chance to win the little pink sock-bunny from the Sock Rabbit tutorial, you need to leave me a comment after last Wednesday's post (just below actually!). I will use a random number generator to select a winner and will publish the winning person's name this Wednesday evening, some time after 8pm.


  1. It's quite sunny & lovely here today, with lots of trees sending out blossoms. But we're expecting rain later in the week.

  2. It's going to be a cold 21C today .... on with the long pants and I feel as though I need a jumper! See? We can all talk about the weather - we just have the opposite extreme :-)

  3. lol! Yep, so totally relate... I had to de-ice the INSIDE of the car windscreen this morning!!

  4. eI LOVE this post!! You are completely right about the weather! We wouldn't talk about it so much if it wasn't so interesting!!!!

  5. And what would we have to talk about if it wasn't for the weather!!!!

  6. I am in LOVE with that pink sock bunny...!

    ...and it's supposed to snow here tomorrow!! I honestly hope it does. I could use a good excuse to work from home!!!

    I am off to enter your giveaway now!

  7. It's so cloudy here today! You're right, of course. We all spend far too long talking about the weather..but I suppose it does give us something to moan about.

  8. Oh no, sorry to hear you're suffering with the cold and snow. It'll soon be spring though - keep hold of that thought to get you through xxx

  9. We're expecting more snow tonight & tomorrow. We still have about 6 inches left of the 25 or so that fell a couple weeks ago. I'm so done with snow


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