Friday, 11 December 2009

Making the Best of it!

Well this morning I wrote a comment on yesterday's post, to say I was about to go to Ikea. 

Didn't go.  Truth is, that since I had my 'flu jab last Thursday, I've been feeling a bit rotten. Today I got downstairs and just felt that it was a bad plan to go out, in the car, in the fog, when I felt a bit yukky. My head is a bit fuzzy and keeps aching and I have gungy ears.  For me, gungy ears is a bit iffy, because since my accident,  I have developed a problem with recurring bouts of vertigo.  Didn't want to be caught half way to MK with my head spinning, feeling as if I was out on a ship in a force 10 gale (yes I have been and it isn't fun!).

So I stayed home and made a cup of tea.  Then I thought about my problems with shelves and decided I would make the best of it. 

I went to the Untility Room and swiped one of the long shelves from the wall there. It was nearly empty because I had removed most of its contents already, so not a big deal.  I put it on the brackets in my workroom. It is a bit long, which means it can only be a temporary solution, but it will do fine for now. 

Then I moved stuff about, put up my new work table and tried to organise things just a bit more. It's not too bad now - have a look.

This is the view from the doorway.  I have put the new shelf over the desk, so I can clear the workspace a bit. Looks okay.

This is my work area . A bit more tidy - though there is a Christmas Card Factory on it just now!

Here's my new table. See it has little legs - they are clipped to the shelf uprights.  The table top is just rested on them for now, but I think I will screw it in place. However it will be possible to lift it and hook it higher up. The feet unscrew, so I can adjust its height a little that way, or else I can "stretch" the legs by moving the screws that hold them together (you cant see that bit).  I can now work sitting or standing.  A good place to do book binding work.

My computer is at home on the new table too. I will try keeping it on top of the drawers for now, though I don't know if it will be ok long-term.  It's all in a permanent state of ups & downs!  Once I have proper shelves I can start re-arranging everything and store it all properly.  Looks like I may have to wait til after Christmas now!

Still, it looks ok and I can work in this much more easily.  I look forward to having everything from downstairs put away up here, in properly labelled, organised containers! I can't find things and it's such a pain.  Often I am sure I have something, but it's such a nuisance to find it in all the muddle. Other times I find something that I had forgotten about, which would have been so useful last week!  Roll on organisation... one day.. perhaps... sigh....

And This is my new clock! Isn't it pretty?  I was in Dunelm Mills last week (remember?) and it was in a pile of stuff by the tills. It was so cheap (£3.99) that I couldn't resist it.  A pretty, feminine touch.  Not sure where it will end up just yet - on the wall somewhere - so it is on the (dusty!) windowsill for now.


  1. wow being ill obviously has positive effects on organisation!
    jo xx

  2. Thanks Jo. I'm not ill exactly, but haven't felt quite "myself" this past week. Hopefully I will be back to normal (or what passes for it with me!) by Monday.

  3. Lizzie, You sure do good not feeling well! I'd love to get this room cleaned up.

    Also, love that clock!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I ended up changing the entry to put my printable recipe since I did do quite a bit of changes from the original. Thanks for adding me to your tuts.

  4. Hope you start to feel a lot better soon. You're right ..Dunelm Mill is just as great a shopping trip as Ikea!

  5. found a fab blog for the organising scrapbooker lizzie.

    jo xx

  6. Thank you Jo! I had a quick look and I think I just might enjoy her blog rather a lot!!!


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