Saturday, 12 December 2009

This Morning I Made...

Hello Friends! I'm still busy with my workroom.  I can't seem to stop, now I've started. Of course, having a second person around to help (one with more muscle power than me!) is a good incentive to do stuff.

This is my bookcase. It has been languishing in the garage, pretending it's not there, for three years.  We brought it indoors a couple of weeks ago and it sat in the workroom, in pieces, drying out.  It was definitely not in the best of health. It had a bad cold and soggy bits from being out in the garage, where the roof leaks in bad weather. 
We dried it out and put it together today.  There are one or two areas that are damaged, but mostly it has made a good recovery and is good enough to sit in my workroom and go back to doing its old job. 

I don't know if the boxes will stay where they are. I bought them from Ikea last Tuesday (well the white ones) and put them together today.  You know, even the cardboard storage boxes from Ikea are put together with nuts and bolts! No rivetted pop-stud fastening - too feeble.  Each side of each box has 3 screws with a nut to hold it together. That's 12 nuts & bolts per box. And 2 boxes. Took me ages. But I defy those boxes to fall apart any time soon!

We also managed to tidy up the floor a bit (had to as we needed room to build the bookcase!). The pile of board games are now on the top shelf, as are the other 2 boxes - which actually have stuff in them, as opposed to the ones on the bookcase, which are currently just pretending to be busy.

The cat is very impressed. He has taken up his place on the Guest Chair, which is just the right size for a little cat. There are small "z's" coming up from his mouth. He is happy.

See those "Z's"?

Last night, by way of celebrating my progress, I made some more cards.  Bear in mind that I used to make All my greetings cards, until I fell and hurt myself, and that I made up to 50 Christmas cards every year. So, this year, so far, I have made.... 12 cards! They will have to be for special family & friends, as there's no time to make enough to post. We have bought ones again this year (!!!), which will be posted on Monday (I hope).  The ones for abroad are late, but I hope they will arrive anyway.

Quite nice, aren't they?  Not very sophisticated this year, but they will do nicely.  Thanks go to the card-making magazine that D. bought me, for the card toppers on 6 of the cards. And thanks to WHSmith for the flowers on the card at the front!

So, on that positive note, I'm off... taking the Menfolk out to Frankie and Benny's for a "big hamburger with cheese" - that's what J. said he really fancied for his supper yesterday, so I promised he could have it for tea today. Not often he has burgers, so it's a treat!

Bye All, enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Hope you had a great meal :-) We had our lunch at Frankie and Benny's today!

    Love your cards, and it's so interesting to watch the progress of your craft room, thanks for sharing x

  2. Thanks for taking time to drop in, Mel! I love to have everyone's comments.

  3. I love your white boxes in the bookcase - they look so sleek and organised - I have a few boxes and they are the press-stud variety, needless to say they are not filled with heavy items.
    You are almost there with the room reno - what are you going to tackle next? You know we will come here looking for ideas ;-)

  4. Thanks Amy, The boxes are good, though just now there is nothing in them! I have a lot of stuff still to do in here. Once the shelves are bought, they have to be put together (just screw the brackets on the shelves & put them in place). Then I have to bring ALL my STUFF upstairs.
    Then I have to organise it... and I need small containers too. And tiny shelves for small containers. And labels for the containers. And some kind of plan for where it all goes and how it should be organised.
    It will take some time. I may still be doing this at Easter!
    So, watch this space!!

  5. love the photo of the cat asleep on the chair - looks so cosy and peaceful


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