Wednesday, 9 December 2009

What A Pain!

Well, yesterday was certainly a Day! I got organised, wrote my list, along with the warehouse locations of all the big items and headed off to Ikea.

Digression... I woke with migraine. Dosed myself with ibuprofen and felt ok, so went out...

So, I went round for Round 1 (as I always do - big stuff first). First I went and tried out all the office chairs.

I liked this one - it's pretty and nice for a spare room too. It also comes in all-white.  So I sat in it... yuk! The seat has this kind-of ridge all the way round. It tips slightly back and is deep, so it cuts into the back of your knees... shame but I couldn't sit in that for more than 2 minutes without a serious pain somewhere!

So I tried this one.  Ahhh... it was sooo comfortable. It has soft, comfy upholstered seat and back rest, with a lovely wool fabic cover.  Also there are lots of different adjustments too. The back rest can be moved up and down; the seat tilt can adjust and be set to move when you do, or just stay fixed at the angle you choose;  the seat goes up and down; the seat can also be moved forward or back, closer or further from the backrest, to allow for taller or shorter people.  It was wonderful. 

Problem - it cost £149!  My budget? Up to £80.

So, after trying lots of chairs and finding all wanting in some way (pity about that price!), I chose THIS!

It's the big-person's version of the chair I got for J's bedroom.  I have a wedge cushion for the seat, to avoid back-ache and the lip at the front means it doesn't cut into my legs. It is comfortable, functional and looks nice too.  Cost? £38. Not bad eh?

So that was the chair... also got another DVD tower for J, in red this time - to display his favourite models and to store stuff.  I found a nice table top (plain white) and adjustable legs, that clip to the shelving uprights on the wall.  This means I now have (for under £30) an table that I can adjust in height and also take down and tuck away if we have guests to stay, or if I want the space for something else. I can put it together for extra workspace (I already have a desk if you remember) and invite my friends to come and craft with me too.  Bargain!

Then I went to get my shelves... they were all in stock, brackets and shelving boards.  Problem - they are stored on those rotating shelf things that they have in warehouses. The staff get them off the unit for you and put them on your trolley.  The unit broke down half way through getting my things.  It stayed broken all day.

So I have 6 sets of brackets, two more uprights, but no shelves... and no smaller brackets or shelves either. 

No shelves. Piles of stuff to put away and no where to put them.  No time to go back to Ikea this side of Christmas.... waaaaa!

Ah well, that's how it goes sometimes.  I had a very nice lunch in the cafe anyway and did Round 2.  Got a few little bits and bobs for storing things - spice jars and one of those big round cookie jars - to put my ink pads in. Some nice boxes that fit my new storage unit, magazine files, a lovely work lamp. Also got paper plates and cups etc for J's Christmas Party with some friends on 23rd. A few bits to decorate the dining room and some gift-wrap stuff.  And a few more bits... you know how it is.

In all, I got most of what I went for. But now I have to organise another trip asap! Thought I would be done with Ikea for a few more months...

And of course, the minute I got home, the migraine returned. Probably been there all day and the relief of being home brought it back.  So an early night for me.

Win some, lose some...  


  1. Hey lizzie ah sounds like you had a nice time. Ikea is a good place and also nice and cheap! enjoy your new purchases! xxxxx

  2. Oh, I love a trip to IKEA. Though not with a migraine..that's really not funny and I hope you are feeling a bit brighter now.

  3. I wish I lived nearer an it....though OH will do almost anything to avoid a trip there.The spice jars sound perfect for storing little crafty bits.

  4. Oh poor you, hope your head feels better soon xx

  5. What an absolute pity about the shelves - the migraine too - I had one on Sunday - hadn't had one for nearly 12 months :-(
    The chair you ended up with is a great choice - very stylish and sleek!

  6. OOooo a cookie jar for ink pads?! What a cute idea. Do you have a photo of that? I might want to steal your idea!!


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