Saturday, 12 December 2009

Adventures of a Little Cat... contd

This is Sherlock's morning habit.  Every day, after we come out of the shower, he gets in.  He walks round the tray - leaving little grubby paw-prints for me to clean up - and drinks the water from the bottom of the shower.  I used to chase him out, but now that the vet says he must drink plenty, it seems more important to let him have the water, wherever he's getting it from!


  1. This made me smile! Aww, what a cutie...

  2. ah cats, they alter ur life. willow follows me into the loo and sits on my lap!!!!!
    jo xx

  3. One of my cats does that too. She dips her paw in the water & then licks her paw, over and over again

  4. awwww.. our kittens are mishcief, they knocked the butter dish off the table just to get to the butter!My mum was not impressed! Lol! Very cute cat btw! ooh n your idea bout a scrappin class in prep sounds genius!!! wish I could do that. oh excuse my gerography but is bedfordshire near buckinghamshire? xxxxxx

  5. I love cats - they are so random!


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