Saturday, 19 December 2009

Pink Nose and Fluffy Tail

Hi all!  Having a "recovering from two chaotic weeks" day today.  Have done the online shopping (wow, what a help that is - I can't push a big trolley so having it all delivered is wonderful!) and made the important phone calls.  Now I am relaxing, as are the Boys.

So, last night, there I was pottering on my pc.  I relisted some items on my Etsy shop (it's kind-of a virtual way of re-arranging your shop to give people a view of stuff that might have been on the back shelves for a while and now should be at the front).  Then I carried on pottering.  Just logging off for bed and... A Sale! One of the re-listed items had sold during that hour or so.  I am so pleased.  It's a UK sale too, so hopefully it will arrive by Christmas Eve (though she didn't say it was a gift).

Here is is, all wrapped and ready to post on Monday morning (in a jiffy-bag, obviously!).

And I finally finished this:

A Sock Bunny!

See her pose for the camera? She's so sweet...

Don't you love her fluffy crochet tail? I made it from white wool and some great pink & green fuzzy yarn.

And I finally found just the right pink, flowery button for her nose!

I think this young lady will be a Christmas gift, for J's good friend who lives round the corner.  She was enthusing about all the sock pets I had made (before I sold them all!), so I think she would appreciate one of her own. 

I've been trying so hard to find another pair of those soft chenille striped socks, to make another Zebra for J's Christmas.  Can't find any black and white ones now.  Wish I had bought several pairs.
I had just decided, a couple of weeks ago, that I would take him out of the shop and give him a home with us, but too late - he was sold, along with his friend the leopard.  The lady is delighted with them, so that's great.  But I still can't find chenille b&w striped socks...

Peacocks had some b&w striped socks, but they were that kind-of shiny fuzzy stuff (like the rabbit tail), rather than the snuggly soft chenille. I dont think they would make a good zebra at all. I do have some "normal" acrylic yarn striped socks, but somehow it's not the same... that zebra was soo soft and J. loved him.


  1. Oh my gosh! How much do I love that bunny! Too cute!
    By the way, go check out my blog from Tuesday last!

  2. Ooh, I won a Prize! I didn't think, when I left my comment, that it would be me that won! I was so busy I even missed the posts Rhinda made last Tuesday and Wednesday - I didn't catch up til her next one with the last tags in. Yippee!

  3. That zebra is adorable! he looks so soft & squishable! So does the bunny

  4. The bunny is so utterly gorgeous - I love it! Very clever Lizzie - I'm sure the recipient will also love it!

  5. Ah... Bunny Fans! It so happens there were 2 socks in that pair (how unusual eh?)....
    I may have to make a second bunny...
    This one needs a kneck-bow before she can go to a new home. I have to choose a ribbon for her.
    Maybe green or white. Not sure.

  6. re. the tree. no they're not my earrings we made individual baubles from avariety of beads and embroidery floss to hand from the branches.
    oooh can u get me a mug if u go to TKMaxx and I'll send u the cash when I get paid?
    Jo xxx


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