Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunday Morning to Afternoon

I slept for hours and hours last night! I woke at 9:30am, to the sound of J singing very enthusiastically (and quite musically too), in his bedroom across the hallway.  I felt so much better. It's great to have a sleep-in now and then.

So, after making breakfast, eating it, getting dressed etc, it was pretty well 11am!  I logged in to my pc, to complete the shopping order, and check my Etsy shop - also to print off the receipt for that sale, so I could include it in the parcel. 

Another Sale! Yippee!  This one is to a customer in New Zealand, so I hope it's not supposed to be a Christmas gift - it will take 10+ days to arrive, I should think!

An A5-sized Striped Notebook or Journal

It has nice speckly grey paper inside (20 sheets, I think ) and I lined it with magenta-coloured art paper.  The cover was, in fact, a tea-towel! I found a pack of striped tea-towels one morning when I was shopping. They just seemed too good to use for drying dishes. So I made some books.  I have lots left, even after 3 book covers, so I think I'll make some more.  Each piece of fabric is different too, so it gives me plenty of variety.
My knowledge and skills have improved since I made this one too, so new ones will be even nicer - yippee!

You may have gathered that I was very pleased with this book and am so happy to have sold it.  I sold its companion the other week as well - a smaller notebook (machine made notepad), covered with striped fabric in a "policeman" style.  I had put a crochet flower on the cover of that, so it was very cool.

You might notice that the stripes on this book are narrower. That's the great thing about having 4 different fabrics - I could match the narrow stripes to the smaller book. I also made an A4 sized covered book for J's friend's birthday.  She is into funky stuff, so I thought the bright colours would appeal.  I used wide stripes for that and she was very pleased with it.

So, that makes 6 things sold in December (so far).  I know it's near Christmas, so I would perhaps expect more sales (though no guarantees), but it's encouraging that my sales are gradually increasing each month now.  Maybe I will make good sales in January too.  I think I'll try a few Valentine themed items - but in a subtle style, nothing too garish, I think.

So, it's now early afternoon. I've done very little, but my two sales are neatly packaged, ready for the post tomorrow. 

There is also a nice pile of Christmas parcels in my workroom, that I wrapped up last night.  I will transfer them to the area under the Christmas tree this afternoon.  As the song goes, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"!

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  1. aw well done. a few more pennies to spend on crafty goodness


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