Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Yay! and Yippee!


A couple of weeks ago, Shimelle put out a Page Call for a Project she was working on.  I responded and then submitted several of my layouts, that I thought might fit in the categories she was trying to fill.

Today I had a request  to send one of my layouts in to Scrapbook Inspirations, for publication in a new Book, to be released in March 2010!! They want my layout! I can't post a picture of it here though - not until after May 1st!!  I'm sure I can tell you it was a special layout I did for J's birthday this year and that I'm so pleased they like it!


Today's been a bit odd.. D. has a bad cold, with sore head, so he stayed in bed most of the day.  I had jobs to get on with, so it wasn't a problem for me, though I felt sorry that he is not well.  He's no trouble when he's ill, as he prefers to be left alone most of the time, to get better in his own time.  He doesn't do that "I've got flu" thing, nor drape himself alll over the furniture declaring that he's about to die. He just quietly gets on with getting better, takes his medicine and occasionally asks for a cup of tea.  I've learned to let him alone, as it seems to upset him if I fuss.  So I just did my cleaning (wow, exciting!) and tried to write my submission notes for Shimelle. 

That wasn't so easy.  After a good bit of work, writing the 150-word Notes and the Supply List, I tried to send my e-mail... my e-mail session timed me out and I lost it all! It had taken me about an hour to sort out the supply list, write and edit the Notes etc.  Hisssss! I wasn't concentrating because the boys had been playing a lan-game of some battle on their pc's (did I mention that before? D wasn't too unwell to play games anyway) and J. was yelling and jumping up & down in the office next door to my workroom.  Despite being asked to be quite (lots of times) and even apologising, this racket went on for so long I gave up and went downstairs to concoct something evil and strong for D's tea, to scare away the cold germs. 

We had curry for tea (that's the last of the turkey - yes!!).  I hope it does the trick!  J is now in bed, sleeping peacefully - peace for me too!

I re-did my submission in no-time flat and have been having fun reading all the blog updates.

Not such a bad day really. 

Now I'm hoping it won't snow tonight. I had to cancel last week's car service, due to snow and ice. I re-booked it for tomorrow morning. I need to get the car done tomorrow as I have to drive to Cheltenham on Sunday, to visit my very best girlfriend from school.  The car feels a bit iffy - I think the tracking is messed up. It has to get to the garage in the morning. No snow! (please?).

So, here's my layout, all packaged and waiting to be addressed and posted in the morning. 

Good night All!


  1. Well done you - can't wait to see it :)

    Babs (Blogging for Scrappers)

  2. Congratualtions Lizzie - well done! We probably won't get that publication here so be sure to post a picture when you can.
    Nice new blog design too - the background really suits your little place on the net!

  3. Congratulations Lizzie! I'm looking forward to seeing it

  4. well done - great to hear that someone I 'know' will be having a layout printed - look forward to seeing it in May.

    Best wishes for a creative 2010

  5. Lizzie,
    Congratulations!!! That's so terrific news. Being published, especially in a book, is so special.
    Rinda (feeling a little green with envy)

  6. Congrats on your successful submission! That is awesome!


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