Monday, 21 December 2009

Waiting for the Postman...

Today it's been so cold and icy! J is on school holiday now, so once the shopping had been delivered, he helped me de-ice the car, so we could take his Grandma her week's groceries.  The ground on the driveway was like glass and there was a large patch of ice right under the back wheels.  Of course, I hadn't thought to order salt with our groceries and we had about a 1/2" in the bottom of the container.  Sprinkled it under the wheels and luckily that was enough to give us grip and let us reverse slowly into the road.  I'm just thankful that our drive doesn't slope!

We had to drive so carefully along our street but, luckily, once we were out on the main village roads, it was almost clear and the trip across the river to Mum's was okay.  There's a steep hill the other side of the bridges, which I was worried about, but that was clear too.  We were able to get her prescription and pick up the eggs from the lady in the village, also post our parcels at the P.O.   Just as well, because it's been snowing fit to bust this evening.  D said to J at bed-time, "See you in the morning. I'm either going to work or I'm not." That just about sums it up!

However, one thing that did not happen today was a delivery of two parcels we are expecting.  They should both be here by now.  One has J's present for his dad and the other has little party-presents for Wednesday and, more importantly, stocking-fillers for J! He asked Santa for several things, which I ordered.  The shop's order system says the order is "Complete" but there is no sign of the stuff!!

Tomorrow I will be Waiting For the Postman!

Just a final thing - check out these photos, which Keri-Anne has added to her shop - aren't they fab?

Her work gets better and better - I'm just so proud of her.


  1. Gosh, you need to be so prepared at the moment! Snow driving is a bit scary and slippery - I always make hubby drive when we go to the snow ..... that's a grand total of five times for me!
    We are in the midst of a two day postal strike - thank goodness our online orders arrived yesterday, so many people will now miss out on their Christmas goodies - what a shame.
    I hope you are well stocked up on the necessities of life - it would be awful to be caught short;-)

  2. They are fab - absolutely gorgeous :-)

    I'm waiting on a couple of packages too, hope they arrive in time, the websites assured me that they would when I ordered.... Good luck with yours x

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! You're very brave taking the car out (I know, I know,some things just can't be avoided) I hate driving in snowy weather.


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