Sunday, 13 December 2009

No, Seriously Now...

Okay, I would like some opinions please. I need them to be honest... But don't run away, I don't think you will need to be mean.

This is a covered notebook from my Etsy shop.  The cover is a drawing by J. He did this himself, to fit the size of notebook and I covered the book and listed it for him.  He is asking $10 US, which is about £6 just now, including postage. 

So far he has had 221 views and 1 "heart".  He is a bit discouraged, as it hasn't sold.  He also said he will do some more similar illustrations & would I make some more notebook covers with them.

I need opinions - is this notebook saleable? Is the price ok? Is it acceptable to offer one's kids' work for sale (it does say clearly in the listing, who did the illustration, how, why etc) and should I encourage him to keep trying?  I don't want him to be disappointed, especially as he hasn't given up hope of selling either this or similar items.  Do you folks think that someone will buy this (221 views is not actually a huge number, though I would have hoped for more "hearts" for this number of views)?  Any other suggestions?

Thanks to anyone who takes the trouble to leave me a comment. I will appreciate it!


  1. original artwork of a future Picasso, who would complain. let him make some more. encouraging young talent is g8
    jo xxx

  2. morning lizzie,
    regarding the meet up. i mentioned to sian in the summer of next year especially as she has to fly from Ireland. bbut anytime would be g8.
    jo xx
    hope ur feeling better xxx

  3. Lizzie, I'm not overly familiar with how etsy works - I've visited a couple of sites and like what I've seen but never purchased myself. Having said that, I'm all for encouraging children in their persuits and developing self confidence. Perhaps starting with a lower sale price to encourage potential buyers may encourage your young artist - I think it is a risk for any artist when selling their work. Maybe selling artwork is not the only way to gain appreciation - are there community galleries or youth galleries in your area - I know our local libraries have selected artwork on display all of the time. Art is so personal and such an act of love - offering your art for sale is very brave.

    Not sure that I've added a great deal to your issue at hand ..... good luck!

  4. I think Amy has said perfectly what I would say too. Best of luck!

  5. Thank you everyone. I do agree that lowering the price a little may be a good plan to start with.
    And I will encourage more efforts - I don't mind making the notebook covers if he makes the drawings for them. It does him good and boosts his confidence. He was so chuffed that all those people had looked at his work!

  6. I have the same problem with much of my own etsy stuff. Tons of views & no purchases. Encourage him to keep trying. It make that sale, when it happens, that much more exciting

  7. thanx for your lovely long comments lizzie. you are a ''top bird'' as they say in the East End where I used to live.
    Jo xxxx

  8. Errmm Thanks Jo - um, I think... lol!

  9. Hi Lizzie,
    I've been travelling, crazy busy working and out of the loop. So, my two cents is that it's incredibly hard for anyone to sell anything on etsy. Maybe make sure J knows that. I agree with encouraging kids in their passion. Is there perhaps a craft fair at which the art can be offered as well?

  10. Oooh, is it really so hard to sell on Etsy? I must be doing okay then as I'm making about 1 sale a week! That's encouraging...

    But thanks Rinda. It's a valid point. I will think about that - perhaps we may do a small table at the next school "do" and he can make a few notebooks to offer there. I am going to suggest a price drop as well.

    I've had some very helpful comments. Thanks everyone!


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