Saturday, 5 December 2009

L Letterpress Machine

Letterpress is an old and rather lovely printing technique, that produces that sort-of indented quality of print on the page, by applying ink to a printing plate with a soft rubber roller, then running the plate through a machine that "presses" it onto the paper, transferring the ink and making that characteristic indented print.

I came across this new machine from QuickKutz.  It's an adaptation of one of their die-cutting machines and is designed to produce "Letterpress" printing.  Hmm.. There has been some discussion of this on the Web and I wasn't sure it sounded like a good idea. It sounded rather rickety and unreliable.  

Still unsure, but the cost of a "real" press is enormous by comparison so it may be worth a try.  Anyway, in case you are asking yourself a similar question, I came across this, which I found via michst74 on Twitter: Boxcar Press Blog - about the QuickKutz L Letterpress machine.


  1. Hi Lizzie, Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. The little reindeer are from paperchase, they are felt and come in Red, Green and White.
    Are you doing Shimelle's JYC?

  2. I'm not in the market for a letterpress or an equivalent but, I LOVE the result of the printing - if it can be reliably achieved more cheaply I'd imagine it would be very popular!

  3. Never heard of it lol! I really like the sound of the effect though :-)

  4. Meant also to say - you're more than welcome to 'card-lift' my Christmas card design, I haven't copyrighted it ;-) If you do, please share - I'd love to see your take :-)

  5. thank you for the link, I was thinking about getting one and the information in the post is very useful.

  6. Thanks everyone! I thought the info might be handy...

    May have to make some Cards this week!


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