Wednesday, 16 December 2009

So much News, so little Time!

Hello all Friends!

I have been so busy this week, with lots going on (as happens at this time of year).  No posts, because I was just too tired!

Summary - D went to Stockholm on Monday, at 3am, for the day! He went to meet the team he will be working with in his new job, which he starts in January.  It went well for him and he enjoyed an Office Christmas Lunch outing - Swedish style. They went to a local cafe at a garden centre, where there is a buffet. He had the chance to chat to his new colleagues in a nice relaxed atmosphere, which was good. He came home with piles of stuff to read (!), but they now don't need him til Jan 11th, rather than 4th, so he has an extra week of "holiday" in which to get through all the documents!  He is still tired, as it was such a long day - he wasn't home til 11pm. I waited up for him, so I'm tired too (esp. as he woke me when he got up at 2:30 for his shower and I couldn't go back to sleep!).

J. played a solo in his school Christmas Concert last night. It was a good concert. He is at Middle School, with kids aged 9-13 years. They have an orchestra, a flute group, a drumming group, a wind band, a string group, a brass ensemble - who are 9-year-olds that have had a visiting musician teaching them since only September - they were great! - a voice choir  and various other stuff.  They were all pretty good, though there were a few rather excellent performances, especially from the soloists.  A couple of pianists, a flautist and a violinist were the most outstanding of these - esp. the violinist who was really quite a virtuoso!

J. was good. He played a piece that he isn't mad about, but he played it well.  There's a second concert tonight and he was going to ask if he could change his piece to another that he wrote (which is very good, even though I'm biassed!). I hope he can, as he will enjoy it more and will give a much better performance, I think.  He is a really good guitarist and it's lovely that he gets the chance to show what he can do.  I did video his performance with my camera, but it went silly on me, refused to stop recording, or to switch off. I had to take out the battery - of course it didn't save my video then! D may have it on his phone camera, so we may have something to show.  I will take my camera tonight and hope it will behave (or I may have to take it back to the shop - it's under guarantee still).

The only other news I've got right now is another Sale in my shop! This time it was the Snowflake Mini-Album -

Off to the Post Office! Have a good day, all!


  1. Wow, that does sound busy - with some fun and exciting bits thrown in, too! :-)

  2. wow stockholm in a day..........major. hope DS gets to play his own piece. i did that once at school. i entered a nnc competition to write a carol and my music teacher got the choir to sing it. it was a magical time.
    jo xx

  3. Stockholm in a day sounds really exciting. Bet you were tempted to go too. Busy times!

  4. Yes you have been a busy family, eh? All those activities and you still found time to create a new album. Very impressive! I love the snow album theme too. :o)

  5. Glad the concert went well. A one day trip to Stockholm is a heck of business commute!


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