Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow Day

Well, this is what we woke up to this morning:

Brr.. but very pretty!

Our shrubs looked so pretty with snow on them

It snowed most of the night, I think and it was very windy and cold.  By the time we got up, there was a good lot of snow out there - about 4 or 5 inches I think.   But we had to try and go on as normal.  D got up at 6 and went to work. He said there wasn't any snow in London (don't know if that's true, but quite possible).  It all seems to have fallen in the East.

I put out lots of food for this little chaffinch and all his friends!

Me & J got up and ready for the day, but we had a group text message from School, to say they would be closed today, as the bus company had cancelled the buses.  As more than half the kids come by bus, I suppose it wasn't worth risking worse weather this afternoon for the rest.  So a bonus extra day on the school holidays.  When I told J, he said "Wooo-hoo!" and went upstairs to change out of his uniform. 

We had to get all the snow off the car and go out at 9:15, to pick up the lady who helps me do my cleaning.  She comes every other Friday and does the heavier stuff that I still find hard (like vacuuming, floor washing, blitzing the kitchen or bathrooms - I can't do it all in one go!).  She had wondered if I would make it today, but was happy to come over and help.  I have a shiny kitchen and clean floors now. 

Meanwhile, J went out with his friends and made lots of noise and mess, as kids do.  He arrived home an hour later, wet, chilly and happy, with glowing cheeks, asking for hot chocolate.  We had to go out to take his Grandma for her dental appointment, so no more snowballing after that.

J and friends had a snowball fight

So, it's been a funny old day today.  There is still snow on the ground, though the main roads were clear by mid-morning.  It snowed a bit more this afternoon and I'm wondering whether we should attempt our usual run to Trampoline club.  It's the last of term and we're supposed to re-book for next term... maybe they would do it by phone!

By the way, thanks everyone who left such nice comments yesterday.  I did feel a bit like "Superwoman" actually.  It's the most I have accomplished in a day for a long time.  I am getting fitter and it seems that I work best if I have firm deadlines. 

The teacher cookies didn't go to school today, of course.  As they won't keep til New Year, we have decided they will make good "going home presents" for J's friends on Wednesday, when some of them come for a Christmas party.  J. has a party each year, in the days leading up to Christmas.  He has no brothers or sisters to share the Season with, so it's a great way for him to enjoy himself, share the fun with other children and get ready for Christmas.  It's quieter than the rowdy celebrations at school, which suits him better - he really doesn't enjoy loud music, shouting etc for any length of time. He's a quiet sort, with very sensitive ears, which hurt if the music is too loud (won't go to disco's), so the more relaxed and controllable atmosphere at home suits him better.  We all have fun and his friends are a great group of girls and boys.  I look forward to it too. 

I mentioned Origami paper boxes yesterday, which I made to pack the cookies in.  I think I may try and make up a tutorial for these.  They are dead easy to make, especially after you've done it once.  The box and the lid are exactly the same pattern; you just cut the paper for the lid a little bit bigger, so it will go over the top.  I got the instructions from a lovely book that I have, called "The Simple Art of Japanese Papercrafts" by Mari Ono.  There are a number of lovely projects inside, for all kinds of things, including boxes, plates, wrappings, books, decorative items, play-things.  I use it a lot and find it so useful. It was a good investment.

So, I'll try to make a tutorial, to show her pattern for square lidded boxes.  There is also a set of instructions in the book for rectangular boxes, but I can't quite work out part of the instructions and keep getting it wrong. Must work on that one. Once I solve it, I could make a tutorial for that too. 

Anyway, I must go now and sort out Trampolining (or not) and tea-time.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. We only had a smattering of snow overnight....and had almost vanished this afternoon....but now started snowing am glad I got all mt shopping finished today.

  2. wow masses of snow lizzie. sounds like business as usual at your end though despite the snow flakes. hope you r keeping warm
    jo xx

  3. I envy you the snow - none for us at all (but we hardly ever get any)
    What a lovely idea for J to have a party near Christmas - as an only child I really appreciate that

    I will watch for your tutorial - sounds wonderful

    Have a great day and be careful in the snow x

  4. A tutorial sounds great Lizzie!
    Sounds like J had a lovely time in the snow. Is it usual for you to have snow now - or a bit later in the winter?
    I'd love to have someone help with the cleaning - I did after both of the kids were born but only for 6 months - it was absolutely WONDERFUL!
    Have a lovely weekend :-)

  5. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! looks like you guys had a great time in the snow! Can't wait for the tutorial! xxxxx

  6. I'd love to see a tutorial on the boxes!

    We have 18 inches of snow so far & it's still coming down slowly. We have about 6 more hours of it predicted

  7. Wow, Stacey is certainly getting lots of snow!

    To answer the various queries/comments, we rarely get snow in this area. We're situated in a sort-of bowl, under the Chiltern hills. The weather always seems to go round the edge, so it has to be pretty severe to affect us. And the East of England is the driest area in the UK too, so we even have less rain. When there is snow, it's usually a dusting, which melts within a day or two.

    Snow is very unusual in December as well. It's normally from mid-January that most of England gets snow - except for the high hill areas and mountains. So any snow anywhere other than Derbyshire, Yorkshire and the Lakes is quite unusual.

    However, this time the snow has blown across the East and we got a fair bit. It's still lying today, as it has been cold. I would imagine it'll all turn to slush and disappear in a day or two. The Northern parts of the UK have been given weather warnings now and are expecting heavy snowfalls. I think we've had ours!


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