Sunday, 6 December 2009

Oh! Christmas Tree!

Well, we have a Christmas Tree... At least, we have a Tree, but it doesn't look very much like Christmas!  I'm having "one of those weekends".  We got the stuff out of the loft and put the tree together but, in spite of a cup of tea and my asthma inhaler, I was still so knackered that we have decided to leave it there for now.
Hopeful that a rest and a bit of crafting (and blogging!) will restore me to something like Normal and I can go back for Round 2.
Watch this Space!

And the LAST REMINDER to go and enter my Photography Book Giveaway! It closes tonight and I will use Random.Com tomorrow afternoon, to pick the winner of the fabby little book. Go on, have a go - it's such a lovely thing and even if you didn't want to keep it (I'm sure you would actually!), it would be a wonderful Christmas present for someone else. 


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon. I bet your tree will be beautiful!

  2. Hope you manage to get the tree done....we do ours next weekend...DD2 is in charge.

  3. Well, you're a whole lot closer to Christmas than I am!

  4. lol At least you got the stuff down from the loft! That's our job for next weekend....


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