Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cookie Jars are not just for Cookies...

I have been "playing" with my new stuff from Ikea.  I put some of my inkpads (the little ones) in a lovely cookie jar I bought (for almost no money). They look so fab -

And what's really good is that there is room for more! I had run out of space in my little "ink pad drawer", downstairs in the laundry hole...  Now I can buy more and know I have somewhere to store them! 

I got some teeny little spice jars too, that look like the cookie jar, with shiny silvery tops. Haven't done anything with them yet, but I soon will...

It is frustrating not being able to get on with the shelves and moving in/ sorting out storage etc.  I have done a bit of sorting out, but there are just things all over the place - messy desk shot coming up!

See, I had to put some card behind my cookie jar, because the mess on the desk just got in the way too much! I so want to have a Tidy Desk (at least at the start of a project!). I do hate my work area to be messy and it's been like this for soooo long!

Still, I am making progress. Not long ago I had to use the dining table. Today I used my new desk to make these -

The ink-pad-cookie-jar came in handy for this project, as I used ink for the edges of the paper, cards and little panels I added.  I also stamped the greeting at the bottom. This is what it says -

Cute, isn't it?  Decided against heat-embossing it. I think the sort-of hazy, faded look is rather good. 

The "black" music notes above are actually punched out. I have a paper punch with that pattern on. Thought it would be a nice little touch on a "Fa La La" card!  If you look closely at the top picture, you can see that I used the punched-out notes on the centre panel with the singers on.

So I have had some fun today, with my inks, punches and sticky stuff, sitting on my new chair, at my new desk in  (wait for it..) my new workroom (only its not so new now!)

And the man came to fit a new tv aerial too. It's a proper Digital one, so D and J will be able to get the digi channels to work properly. They can watch Star Trek together now. They will be pleased! (oh and I might catch the last few episodes of Gilmore Girls - they were showing the whole run all through, but after the first few episodes, the signal got so bad I couldn't get it to tune in any more... ) I can maybe find out what happens at the end - I missed that bit last time too!

Must go and look at the meal situation.  J has a friend coming home to tea tonight. No idea what to feed them. Maybe chicken pasta... better go see if there is any chicken left!

Have a good evening everyone (and a good afternoon / morning to our friends from USA / Aus!)


  1. i am so loving these posts about organising your scraproom. i really want to be organised but i think i was born with a defective one! my whole flat is a clutter nightmare!!!
    i may have to go to ikea after xmas for the sale.
    jo xx

  2. I love organizing and would love to have an IKEA store here. You are so lucky.

  3. Oooh love those jars. It must look like a sweet shop in your scraproom now! What a great idea. It will really lift your mood seeing all those colours just when walking in!

  4. Regardless of your working conditions Lizzie you still manage to produce beautiful crafty creations. I'm enjoying following the progress of your room - those jars look very useful indeed!

  5. Isn't everyone so nice to me? It makes me really happy to login to my blog and find some positive and encouraging stuff like this!

    I am enjoying my new room, but it is frustrating to have so much mess. So I'm about to go to Ikea again to see if I can fix it! Gotta go... in a rush... hardly any time...

    SO I guess I'd better get off the computer and get on with it!

  6. You are seriously making me hanker after a trip to Ikea! I'm loving the progress on your workroom too. It's vicarious organising


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