Saturday, 23 February 2013

No Knuston!

So, this weekend I should be here:

This is Knuston Hall, where I was going for a bookbinding & repair course.
Instead, I am here:
I've been nursing my mother through a nasty fluey cold thing, this week. She's been feeling pretty poorly and has a bad cough etc. 
Today I had to stay in bed, because I also have the lurgy.  My mum phoned this morning and said she was feeling a little better.  Her carer was due at lunchtime and tea time, to make her meals, also her friend was coming round to help her.  She said I was to stay at home and not worry.
Of course, staying at home was necessary, as I wasn't fit enough to go anywhere and had only had about 4 hours sleep into the bargain. 
Worrying is a different story...


  1. What a shame you've had to miss that course. I hope you soon feel better.
    C xx

  2. Bad enough to pick up a germ, but to be confined to your cot...not fun.
    Take your mother's advice - don't worry!

  3. Ha! Since I posted this, she's gone to hospital with breathing/asthma problems... And I can't go & help her...

  4. Prayers for both you and your Mom to feel better soon.

  5. Lizzie you are helping her by getting better whilst she is in good hands, in readiness for when she gets back home. I hope you are both better very soon.

  6. GWS Lizzie - you need your strength too!

  7. I do hope you are both on the mend soon
    Alison xx

  8. Sorry to hear that you aren't well either. Hope your Mum improves and is home from hospital soon. Plus of course that you are up to a weekend away soon.... :)

  9. I hope you are both doing better soon. I know you can't stop worrying but stay in bed & rest. She is in good hands now & she'll need you healthy when she gets out.

  10. Thanks, All! I feel less yukky today. Of course, that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I got some sleep last night and am doing almost nothing today... But an improvement is occurring!

  11. i do hope both you and your mother are feeling better and you are totally well by Friday. It just wouldn't be the same without you.

  12. Sorry to hear you missed Knutson. It looked beautiful and no doubt you would have had a lot of fun.
    Do hope you and your Mum are both fully recovered soon!

  13. Oh no! Feel better soon, my friend.

  14. Oh Lizzie, I am so sorry to read this and hope that by now you and your Mum are both improving... An anxious time for you. And sad you missed your course - though I have to say that your bedroom looks pretty enough to be at Knuston :).

  15. Hi Lizzie!
    Nice to meet you!
    I got to your blog through PrairiePeasant's.
    I loved your posts: they are very well made, beautiful pictures and too human content: I got sad when your cat died (I love cats too) and I was touched when you wrote about your mother sickness which made you stay at home to care for her instead of going to a course.
    Congratulations for your blg, it is very lovely place to go.
    Ah, I am Brazillian, so English isn't my mother tongue, then please forgive any error that you will find.
    Thanks a lot!!



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