Sunday, 21 November 2010

Work In Progress...

Well, I thought I would try to give my Blog a bit of a pre-Christmas Makeover.  I have been wanting a wider screen layout for a while - most people have wide screens now and I hope it won't cause any issues for those who don't!
Working on the general setup of the screen, colours for backgrounds etc.  Please bear with me, as this is likely to go through a number of "Versions" before I'm happy.
I've been using some of the great advice available from a Blogging friend, Louise, of Adori Graphics.  This is her "day job", so she's well qualified to give advice - she does blog makeovers and design for people as a paid job, but she's also very generous with her Freebies and Tutorials - take a look at her blog to see what I mean!
Meanwhile, I'm making use of the knowledge I've picked up from her and also the helpful stuff we got from Shimelle, on the BFS course last year. 
Not sure about the pink background... don't know what it looks like to you people (all screens are so different), but my laptop makes it look really quite Pink.  Maybe not... I was trying for "subtle", but it seems to be verging on "Barbie"!
Also trying to sort out why there are still white bits behind the main section and above, in the header area.  No doubt I'll find it soon...
And there are the green bits, which are part of a nice background I downloaded free from  I don't know if I still want that, but I am not sure where it is on my HTML page setup...

As I said, "Work In Progress"! 

More posts being planned for very soon, by the way.  I have been sent a rather great little "Freebie", which I will review quite soon.  Also have been asked to provide a Tutorial as a Guest Blogger (!), which I'll be matching with another Tutorial on my own blog - linked together of course!  They will be about making paper decorations for your home/tree.  Watch out for these soon!

Also, I have got myself a "job"!  I submitted a Course Description form, to the Frontiers Club, that J. goes to on Saturdays.  They offer various choices each school term, for a six-week morning course, then a one-day Workshop in the seventh week.  I sent in details for a one-day workshop, teaching the kids how to make Sock Pets/ Monsters.  It has been accepted and the brochure for next term is now at the printers'.  All being well - assuming enough children sign up to it - I will be teaching a workshop called "Raid the Sock Drawer!" on Saturday 26th March - and getting paid to do it!  I still have to go and see the admin people, to complete paperwork and get my CRB check stuff sorted out (that's the approval to say you're not a criminal etc).   Shouldn't be a problem - not aware that I've done anything naughty, unless in my sleep...  I'm quite excited!

Three Sock Amigos!

Hope all my blog friends are well and busy.  I've been trying to "catch up" over the last few days, but still very busy here.  If I haven't got round to you yet, I will do, I promise!


  1. Hi Lizzie....not quite sure what has happened....but your blog is now to wide for my screen....don't know if it's you or me!!!
    Love the sound of your congratulations on that.

  2. Things look good to me. NOt pink at all and not too wide.

  3. Such cute sock pets. Doesn't look like Barbie pink at all to me, a nice subtle pink on my monitor.

  4. congrats on the job and freebies and tutorial, u are busy. love the sock family photo again, they were fab. just read the thrid london post, wish id gone with you to the bookbinders, sounds like a fun place to visit but i can imagine i would have encouraged u to spend too much money
    Jo xxx

  5. The template isn't too wide for me either, but there isn't any pink - a creamy colour on my screen which matches the green accents very well. Yes, all our monitors seems to be quite different!

  6. Your new look blog is lovely Lizzie, its a sort of creamy colour and fits on my screen nicely. Those sock guys are adorable, congrats on getting the job! I have no doubt the children will love it (and the big kids, I certainly would!).

  7. I'm afraid it's too wide for me - I can't see the right hand sidebar.

    Well done on getting out there and creating an opportunity for yourself - it sounds like a fantastic class

  8. I'm on my iPhone and it seems to fit but I will pop back later on the P.C and let you know!

    The workshop sounds great, I want to know how to make cute sock animals! So adorable! :)

  9. Ooh, thanks for the feedback, everybody. Sounds as if the new layout may be just a bit too wide for some - and I don't want to exclude any of my friends.
    I will have another "Tinkering session" and narrow it up just a bit!

  10. The width looks fine to me. The pink is really mild on my monitor, close to the crayon color called 'flesh' when I was a kid, peachy-pink I suppose. I love the sock pets

  11. I love the wide screen format! And I don't think it's Barbie pink... more like a subtle peach!

  12. Not pink, but pale peach! Fits my screen ok. Love the sock pets and congrats on the workshop.

  13. Oh fab, many congrats on your class! Super news :-)

    I'm seeing a peachy colour rather than vibrant pink, too - and the layout's just a touch too wide to completely fit on my screen. Hope that helps! xx

    PS Lovely to read your final instalment about your London trip too :-)

  14. Those sock animals are adorable! Congratulations on the class job. Very exciting. As far as sock animals go, I must say, those are some of the very cutest I've seen. You are talented. Wish I could come and make some. ; ) Really!

  15. Hi Lizzie,

    I like the new blog colours. The blog is too wide for my screen as I work on a netbook, but it's not a problem because I can scroll side-to-side to see all, and I'm used to doing that on other sites.

    However, the twinkling lights at the top are driving me crazy! They leave me with only an inch or two of space at the bottom of my little screen to be able to read your post. I really want to read your post about visiting the bookbinding place but I can't actually bear to try reading around the twinkly lights any more. Sorry to be a grouch but I thought I should be honest as I love your blog and don't want to be discouraged from visiting!

    The sock creatures look really cool, I'm sure the class will be a big hit! xx

  16. Oh dear, poor Jennifer! I didn't know the twinkling lights wouldn't resize to fit the screen... I might take them off, because they get in the way of some stuff on my screen as well.
    I need to make some more tweaks to this layout. Louise (Adori Graphics), tells me I need the "Minima Stretch" template setup, rather than just "minima". I need to find time to sort it out.

    Sorry to all who are inconvenienced... I hope you don't stop visiting! I will sort it out asap!


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