Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday Worktable - 11th July 2012

It's ages since I've posted on my blog! It's been a bit crazy-busy round here.  So, I thought I would join in with WOYWW #163, at Julia Dunnits' Stamping ground.
This has been my work table in the past week. 
Bits of a pair of books.  They're recipe books, A4 sized (letter size) and have matching cover papers, but the spines and insides are in contrast.  I've posted about them before (and on my Facebook Page too).
Basically they are in blue and yellow, but where one book has blue, the other has yellow.  Thus the separator pages for sections of the books are blue in one and yellow in the other; the bellows-type pockets in the folders at the front of the books are blue in one, with a yellow flap, but the other way round in the other book; the spine of one book is blue bookcloth, but yellow on the other. 

I've been sewing their bindings
...attaching ribbon bookmarks to each section
...and stitching in a ribbon which will keep each book closed.

It's still a Work In Progress, but I'm almost finished now.  Both books have been sewn/bound and I am now working on finishing off the covers and attaching these, along with the folder sections, onto the fronts of the bindings (the back pages are attached already and under weights).

I didn't actually work on these today - in fact, I've done nothing since last Thursday, as we were away at the weekend and I had "doing mummy jobs" to do on Monday/Tuesday (it was my mum's birthday on Monday, so we had a family lunch, then yesterday she had two appointments that I had to take her to).  And, just to make sure I got nothing done... I picked up a cold from James (he brought it home from his weekend course) and it started last night.  So, very little sleep and felt really and truly rotten all day today.  I think colds affect me more now, because of my asthma and the problems I still have with my upper back. What is "just a cold" to most people, can be a real problem for an asthma sufferer; and then I often have slightly gummy ears, so the cold has affected them today and made me feel a bit sick and giddy. 
I'm okay though and hope for a good night's sleep and to be able to get on with these tomorrow.  Hopefully, they will be finished by tomorrow night!

So, just a bit of catching up in Lizzieland! I hope to be back soon, posting regularly.  I still owe you all the final part of the Longstitch Journal Tutorials...

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Always happy to see one of your posts pop up in my reader! Take care of yourself - you have so many things on your plate, I can see how you would get run down.

  2. Eeeeek how super exciting it is to see my visions of many years being laid out and beautifully put together! :)) I can't thank you enough for all the hard work and many many hours that have been put into these :))

    I hope you are on the mend now my dear and have managed to get some rest. Take care of yourself. :0) xx

  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon! I have one small tip, other than take plenty of vitamin C if you can, and that is; if your nose gets so stopped up you can't breathe then put a little table salt in your palm and lick it up. The sodium helps your extra mucous go back to where it should be so you can breathe better for a bit. Feel free to junk this comment, though I mean no offense, but its not really very crafty about this: I've never made a book before, but yours is looking so great I'm thinking it must take a lot of talent so I'm not likely to ever make one! :)
    Deeyll #141

  4. Getting crazier here, too. Remember that Cambridge rain? Well, it's followed me home!
    Paper is not happy...

  5. Hope you're feeling much better very soon Lizzie xx I think yellow and blue is a hard colour combination to beat. Now if only it was in the sky this month!

  6. Recipe book project looks very carefully thought through & very crisp & clean ! Hope you have enough yummy recipes to fill them ! Have a fun crafty week ! Ali #60

  7. These are fab - love the neat stitching. Thanks for the peep into your workspace. Have a good week. Hazel #124 x

  8. Glad to see you back! What beautiful books, they will be so pleased. You put so much time and attention into them! The boy is an asthma sufferer (as in quite major, we are talking a lot of medication over here!) and he has the same problem with colds, he can't seem to shake them off. Hoping you feel better soon. lots of virtual hugs! xx

  9. Hope you feel better today Lizzie...looking forward to seeing the finished items!
    Alison xx

  10. I love those colours Lizzie! Hope you are feeling brighter today - have you tried warmed onions in a little parcel for easing congestion?

  11. Those are looking great! I love the contrasting colors! Lovely!

    Katie (150)

  12. Oh these look really interesting will look out for the finished project. Hope you are feeling better. Sandy :)#39

  13. Interesting projects do let us see the finished results. I hope your cold eases over the weekend.
    Hugs Erika. #83

  14. I'm a little late catching up, Lizzie, as I too have been occupied with caring. :) Hoping you are now feeling better and I just love the pattern on that binding ...

  15. Happy late woyww, sorry its been a busy week here. thanks for stopping by, those books are coming along nicely, I need to do a workshop or something to see how they are put together properly.
    happy crafting, mark x

  16. Thanks everyone; I hope to return the visits in the next few days!

    Mark, these particular books probably wouldn't be covered in a workshop - I've kind of invented the various bits as I went along, combining all kinds of techniques and book-parts, to produce a customised result. They're quite cool though!

  17. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well Lizzie; get better soon! My DH is an asthmatic, so I know just how troublesome a cold can get. Look forward to seeing your finished books, they look lovely as ever! Sue x

  18. Hi Lizzie ~ It feels like forever since I've paid you a visit here! I was thinking about you yesterday so I thought I'd pop in this morning and say hello. I loved seeing your book work in progress, and I hope you are feeling well and happy by the time you read this comment.


  19. I'm hopeful that by now you are feeling much recovered! That's the problem with a long catch up (and a Google Reader Next button which works backwards) - I've been missing on sending my best wishes to lots of people. Get well soon all the same!

    Your recipe books are lovely - I can see lots of different uses for those pockets

  20. Thank you so much, everyone, for the kind comments and good wishes!

    Today I am finally feeling a fair bit better. Was suffering on and off the last fortnight, with asthma etc, but the osteopath had a bit of a go at easing the congestion and irritation in my chest this morning - this afternoon I'm feeling much better!


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