Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bloggers' Crafting Weekend Update - New Dates Information

Hello All,

Have been trying to organise a Crafting Weekend for 7th-9th December (see previous post for info). However, there are not enough of us, who are available to go on that weekend.
Sorry, but I have told the Milton Keynes Hostel we don't want to book that weekend.

It seems more sensible to try for a weekend in the first quarter of 2013, once Christmas etc are out of the way.

If you want to join us, would you please let me know, if you are free to come on one or more of these weekends (obviously, if you are willing to consider any of them, then it's easier to work out who is free each time and try to fit round as many folks as possible!).
* * *
Friday - Sunday
8th -10th February
1st - 3rd March
8th - 10th March
* * *
Hopefully we'll have one weekend where lots of us are free! I have avoided January, because it's still close to Christmas, we all tend to be a bit broke, rather busy etc; also the weather can be pretty horrible in January - don't want to cancel, due to snow!
Do let me know your availability. At this point, the Milton Keynes hostel is free on all those weekends, but obviously that could change at any point. I'd like to book this soon, so we all know where we are!
Please E-Mail me your information, as then I can add you to my E-Mail List for the Weekend, so you will receive any mail I send out to the Group! 
To remind you, my e-mail address: Lizziemade (at) aol (dot) com.


  1. I'll look at teh calendar tonight and see what's what - thank you Lizzie xxx

  2. Hi Lizzie - I've just checked with hubby and I can do either of the March dates - though I'd prefer the 1st - 3rd March. I can't do the Feb date at all, so if it turns out to be then I'll have to miss out again!

    If it's one of the dates I can come, then I'd also be happy to do a workshop of some kind!

    I hope I can come, I'd love to meet some more scrappy people! x

  3. Will be sending you an email, Lizzie - and thank-you for all the work you've done so far. Sorry it didn't work out for before Christmas, but looking forward to early Spring!

  4. Think I'm free for all of them. I'll e-mail you after I've checked properly. Thank you for being so patient with us all :0)

  5. I'm so in! And I want to say thanks for putting this together too. I know how much work it must be.

  6. I think could make the first weekend in March and would love to be able to come.

  7. I've written down those dates & will check the family calendar & work calendar over the weekend to see which dates would work for me! It would be so lovely to meet up with Blogfriends IRL!! Will get back to you! :D


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