Sunday, 28 April 2013

National Stationery Week - Prizes, Prizes - Who Won the Prizes?

Okay, so here are the Results of the Prize Draw for National Stationery Week!

Last weekend I posted that the week was called National Stationery Week - goodness knows who decided this, but it seemed to be widely accepted as true... so who am I to object?

And, as I Make Stationery (after all, what are books - especially notebooks & journals?), it seemed only right to have a small celebration of this event.  So, I offered three little prizes - each one a different notebook, each with Kraft card covers and presented in its own little kraft envelope.

Kraft notebooks in envelopes.
Prize #1 - a "Red Line" Notebook - cream paper in a kraft card cover, stitched with a fine red linen thread. 

Prize #2 - Rainbow Notebook - a kraft card cover, with a rainbow of text paper inside

Prize #3 - Pastel Rainbow Notebook - a kraft card cover, filled with multi colours of pastel paper
* * *
Of course, you'll want to know who won the prizes?  Well, alright... I'm late with the draw anyway, so now it's high time I got on with it!

I used the "True Random Number Generator" at website Random.Org (if you're wondering about this, there's an explanation at the top of the home page.  They also offer various facilities for recorded prize drawings, plus things like coin-flipper, card-shuffler,  dice roller etc... Very handy).
There were 38 entries in the blog comments, so I wrote all the names out in the order the comments were left, numbered them in order and drew three numbers between 1 - 38.
* * *
PRIZE #1 - Red Line Notebook
The first draw was Number 3 - This was JULES (of JuJu and Bubba fame... see her blog here, or her Facebook page here
PRIZE #2 - Rainbow Notebook
Second was Number 28 - BEARSFOOTPRINTS - her blog is here and her Facebook page here
PRIZE #3 - Pastel Rainbow Notebook
And Third was Number 18 - Maria Ontiveros (better known to us as RINDA!) - find her blog over here
 * * *
So, Congratulations to the three prize winners; Commiserations to all the unsuccessful entrants - but I would like you to know that I really appreciated you all joining in and the very nice comments that many of you left for me. 
I will try to contact each of the winners, but if you see your name here on the prize list, it would be good if you'd contact me, either by e-mail (lizziemade at aol dot com) or a message on Facebook (Liz Gillum is my personal profile).  I'll need your address, so I can post your prize - which I hope to do in the next couple of days.
Thanks All!
* * *


  1. oh wow thankyou, i will email you shortly thankyou again eek x

  2. Well done everyone, what a lovely Sunday treat. Thanks Lizzie for the chance xx

  3. well done the three lucky winners!

  4. Well done to the winners, I know you'll be thrilled with Lizzie's goodies.

  5. Well done you lucky winners.

  6. Many congratulations to the winners and thank you Lizzie for such generosity! I know they will love their gifts.

  7. Woohoo!!! Thanks so much Lizzie. I'll email you my address right away.

  8. Oh well done those winners! and well done to Lizzie for giving such beautiful prizes. I am a little envious and I will be looking in my money box to see if I have enough to treat myself to something.....

  9. Well done winners!..and 'hi' Lizzie!
    Alison xx


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