Thursday, 20 June 2013

Little White Birdie

Regular readers of my blog will know that we love watching the birds that visit our garden.  We put out food for them, especially in the cold weather and the nesting season.

Early this morning, Mr LizzieMade put out some mealworms (dried… I can’t quite cope with wiggly live ones!).  A group of birds came down to feed, bringing their fledged chicks with them.  Dave noticed a nice little grey-white collared dove baby – he’d never seen a baby collared dove before, so he stopped at the kitchen window for a closer look.

Only, it wasn’t a baby collared dove at all….

A little grey-white baby Starling!

An albino…maybe, we’re not sure – it doesn’t look quite white and I think it may still have dark eyes – so it’s just a pigment abnormality, rather than albinism.  Still, it’s very rare and a bit exciting. 

Not a great photo, but here’s one of the adult birds, feeding white-baby with mealworms and seeds.

We’re not sure what his chances are, of surviving very long.  He’s obviously at a disadvantage, as he doesn’t have the camouflage that his friends and family have.  On the other hand, he seems to be fit and healthy and starlings look after each other.  Maybe he stands a good chance of a long life – and perhaps we’ll see him in the garden regularly. 

They flew away just after I took these photos, so I was grateful to Dave, for waking me early, so I could see them.  I had to share with you all – such a rare event is really too good not to share!


  1. That's a lovely surprise Lizzie, hope the bird does survive. It certainly is an unusual one.

  2. That's really interesting Lizzie - the bird does look strong so it may have a chance and well observed by Dave.

  3. Thats one big baby! probably because of its fluffy chick feathers making it look larger than the other starlings. What a lovely rare sight :)

  4. I do hope he survives!
    Alison xx

  5. We've been enjoying seeing our various fledglings around the garden - hope your unusual one survives too.

  6. What a nice discovery - thanks for sharing.

  7. You have captured something most of us will never see, Lizzie, so it is great to be able to have a glimpse. Well done in the early rising!

  8. aw, how sweet, I missed this picture...I wonder if he's still about?! We often have blackbirds with the odd white feather or one once with a white ring around it's eye but nothing like this!


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