Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ground Control to Major Tom…

Tom was Very Brave today. 
Dave has been working in the garden, tidying up the ravages of 10 months’ building work and a wet and windy winter.  He left the back door open and called when he saw Tom in the kitchen.
Tom looked out to see where Dave was calling from….
Then he went right up to the doorway…
…and stepped out into the Great Unknown… It was a bit scary…
…but he was Very Brave Indeed. 

He spent several minutes outside, exploring a bit, before retreating to the safety of the Room.  Then I opened the big door onto the decked area.  Dave came round to see and Tom went to explore a bit more…
220214_Tom_Goes_Out_7He was Even More Brave and went out onto the deck…
…then Right Outside into The Big World of the garden. 

Currently he is sitting at the very edge of the deck, just outside the big door, sniffing the fresh air and watching the breeze blowing the trees and the tarpaulin on the trampoline. It’s as if he’s been going in and out all his life.

A Very Brave Cat Indeed!


  1. HUZZAH!! I hope he enjoyed his spell in the fresh air


    1. Thanks Kathy! He has had a wonderful afternoon, exploring round the garden and behind the garage - all within sight of Dave though. When someone went past on the footpath beside our fence, he ran straight back inside - which is a comfort really, as it means he will use indoors as his "safe place" and hopefully not run away if frightened.

  2. He is clearly thriving in your care!

    1. Thanks Alexa - we spoil him a bit (though no longer with "posh" cat food!). He was certainly looking very smug last night. And he actually went out again today, just for a short while, when Dave was outside again.

  3. I'm glad he is getting more adventurous!

  4. Around for a big catch-up. I love following the adventures of Tom. He certainly looks quite elegant; his coat is beautiful! And I loved the vintage notebooks from last week.


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