Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Liberty Photo Albums

Three small concertina Photo Books, covered with Liberty prints!
The green and light pink fabrics are called "Capel" - one of my favourite designs.  The red and pink pansy pattern is "Ros" and it comes in other colourways too.
The albums measure 7.5" x 5.5", which means they will hold photos up to 7" x  5" in size. 
There are 28 pages, using both sides of the concertina (30 if you used the inside of each cover).
The pages are stiff white cartridge paper, which means photos can be fixed to both sides of each concertina page...
... but you can open the concertina like a "normal" book, by leaving the ribbons fastened at one end, or the other - or it can be opened out into a continuous strip, with photos both sides.

The books look really nice with a label on the front, which I can print with one or two lines of text...
...like these!

And look what arrived in the post today!  
 New Liberty Print fabrics!  I love them! 
 I already have plans for more small photo albums... 


  1. Lizzie, they are beautifully made. Have you been to Liberty's to see the whole selection? I sometimes just pop into the haberdashery department to just purr at the choice. Then I go and smell the soaps and all is alright with the world once more!

  2. Louise!!! I wondered what had happened to Loulou... Went by your blog a few times, to see if you were "there". Hope you're well.
    Thanks for your nice comment. I haven't been to Liberty's for yeeeeears (loads of years!). I hardly ever go to London - haven't been there for about 2 years either! Would love to go there some time soon (have been eyeing up bookbinding courses at Falkiners and Center for Book Arts...). Do you still do courses in London?

  3. These are so pretty, Lizzie!...I have to say 'Ros' is my favourite
    Alison xx

  4. They are beautiful Lizzie.

  5. Your work is always a joy to look at, Lizzie! I can see why you are enthused by these lovely fabrics ..


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