Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Hand Made Christmas Gift

A few weeks ago, Abi posted about a gorgeous little Rabbit doll that she had sewn, as a birthday gift for her friend.  Abi had bought a pattern online, from Alicia Paulson.  I loved it so much, that I bought the pattern for myself, with the intention of making a Rabbit as a Christmas Present for Keri-Anne.

 So, I did:

Here she is - a Christmas Rabbit!

Her boots are made from scraps of bookbinding leather and suede, laced with linen thread.

The pattern included a dress, with a gathered, elasticated kneck-line.  I added an inverted pleat and two buttons, to make the front look smart.  I also made little white linen & cotton knickers (which you can't see in the photo) and a lace-edged petticoat, with a ribbon-tied drawstring waist - old fashioned and traditional!  

I'm hoping that Miss Rabbit will come and visit me before long, so I can measure her, as I'm making a coat too, though I didn't get time to complete that before Christmas.  

Thanks to Abi for sharing the pattern link.  I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out - and Keri-Anne loves her, so it was all worthwhile! 


  1. That's so adorable! What a lovely project.

  2. Isn't she just lovely! My Mum would have been getting me to zoom in close so she could admire how you'd made those lovely boots. I am sure this will be a family heirloom ...

  3. I love your rabbit Lizzie, as you know! So pleased I was able to pass on the link to the pattern. I love all the extras you made for her.

  4. Thank you, Ladies! Keri-Anne loves her and I was so pleased with how she turned out. Why don't you all have a go too?!

  5. She's wonder Keri-Anne loves her! Xx

  6. So Beautiful Lizzie, I love what you have done. The addition of the petticoat is just lovely! :)

  7. I do so wish I could sew! Perhaps I should pray for a sewing machine.

    1. Hi Martha! This bunny was all hand-stitched and turned out well. The rabbit herself was stitched together with blanket (buttonhole) stitches and the instructions were so clear that it wasn't hard to follow them.
      The instructions for the dress suggest a sewing machine too, but I just used a small running stitch, or back-stitch (depending on what I was sewing). However, there are some good, clear books for Sewing Machine Newbies, which explain everything step-by-step. I bought one called, "Me and My Sewing Machine", for my niece - but it was so good, that I got another copy for myself - there were projects and techniques in it that I wanted to have a reference for.
      You can buy that book at Amazon (


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