Saturday, 16 May 2015

Update Report: Lots More Books!

I haven't posted for weeks again!  It's been busy and I have neglected my blog, in favour of working on quite a few new books.  Here's a photo-summary of what I've been doing:
Firstly, another Business Card Case.  This time, it has a hand-painted design of flowers and birds.
It's lined with two colours of mulberry paper.  I quite like this one!

Then, here is what I did with the leather and dandelion-print paper that I showed in my previous post:
The dandelion paper is a lining for the covers of a new journal. 
The covers are a honey-beige coloured leather.  
There is a hand-made ceramic button and matching linen thread tie fastening.  
Sewn in longstitch, with aqua linen thread, to match the button.  
Pages of my favourite cream text paper.

Next, a Spring themed journal, in golden wool-felt, with purple suede lining and edge-trim, with a green satin ribbon trim and tie-fastening.

The cover is made of suede-leather and felt, so it looks and feels very rich and soft.

 The two sections of paper are stitched with a cross-stitch, in purple linen. 

Then a Sketchbook:
Blackcurrant leather sketchbook, with 30 pages of drawing paper and 10 pages of watercolour paper. Sewn with a decorative longstitch, in light grey linen thread. 

The sketchbook is lined with a deep pink paper, patterned with birds. 

I also made two more rainbow-themed hardcover journals. 
Pink Indian paper, with a gold-printed scalloped design, highlighed with purple glitter. 
There are ten page sections, each section having a different colour on the outside and white pages inside.  
This journal has a collage design paper on the covers... 

The pages are of the same Indian cotton-rag paper as the previous journal. 
Both books are sewn with a coptic style stitching, in bright hemp cord. 

I've also been working on several commission books and a very special commission of my own. There are so many books in this post already, that I think I'll post those next time!
Shameless Plug:
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  1. Good to see you back with some more stunning books!

    1. Hello Josie! How nice of you to visit my blog so quickly after I posted. Thank you for the nice comment. There's a follow-up post, of the commission books, scheduled for around the same time tomorrow, in case you would like to see.

  2. So many beautiful books and paper. - You have been really busy! The business card holder looks great, too: So much detail.

    1. Thanks Hilke! I have enjoyed my work - it's kind of restful, after the hassle of daily life!

  3. So I read your post, Lizzie, about half-an-hour ago and then got lost browsing your beautiful journals on your Folksy shop! I am always stunned y how much you are able to create despite the busyness of your life ...

    1. Thank you! :-D There's a new post now... with more books!!

  4. Such gorgeous books, Lizzie. You really inspire me!



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