Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wednesday Worktable - 3rd June 2015 - A Birthday Present for Me!

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog! This is my contribution to WOYWW (What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday), over at JuliaDunnit's Blog. Each Wednesday, Julia invites fellow crafters and bloggers to show a photo or two of their worktables, and explain what they've been doing.

Last week we were celebrating 6 years of WOYWW... but, after all the cheers,cake and champagne (we wish!), special blog buttons and celebrations, we're back to a Normal Wednesday today.

Well, nearly... It's not quite normal for me today.  This is what happened while I was getting dressed this morning: 

A stray shoe (kicked by a small boy) smashed my rear windscreen! 
Windscreen people coming to fix it tomorrow afternoon.  Meanwhile, my wonderful and lovely neighbour lent me her car, so I could pick J. up from his exam at school. 

But, we soldier on!  Having spent the first half of my morning on the phone, arranging a repair and re-arranging my day, I found my camera and took a couple of photos for you.  This is what's going on in my Studio today: 

The usual clutter! (what someone last week called "push-back"!).  But wait! There is a gap in the middle..

...because I'm binding a book and using my small table.  Sometimes it's more comfortable to sit at this low, folding table, while I'm binding a book.   
This is a special book.  It's actually for Me!  I decided it was time I made a book for myself.  I have a few notebooks that I made, which were not quite perfect, so I kept them for my own use.  But this time... This Time, I am making a special Sketchbook, just for myself, from scratch.  The plan it to use it at the weekend, when I go away for a printmaking day and a nice couple of days with friends.  

And, just in case you want to see... just one more card that I've made! This is 4" square and I think it will be a birthday card.  Quite cute, eh? 

So, that was my contribution to WOYWW.  When you've seen enough here, do go and see what everyone else is doing today.  

Oh, and if you're interested, I posted about the completed Baby Journals that I was working on last week.  Find them here


  1. o my goodness i hope that it doesnt rain tonight or leave you out of pocket getting a replacement!
    your book is lovely :)

    Happy WOYWW
    Charlie #1
    or find me here

  2. oh thats not good, hope you get it sorted quickly, thanks for the snoop

    Jac x
    N0 24

  3. I love hand made journals and yours is going to be much treasured I'm sure. Bad luck about your windscreen. I hope the boy was suitably remorseful!
    Have a happy week
    Lynda B 10

  4. I can't believe a shoe could do that kind of damage when I've seen people try to break into cars using tire irons. Of course, I'm also impressed that your windshield people come to YOU. That isn't often the case in the States.

    How sweet of you to comment on my rocking horse collection. I truly believe they are more popular in England than they are here. Mostly I find them at Christmas, but I love seeking them out everywhere I go. Happy WOYWW from # 5.

  5. I forgot to mention how gorgeous the card is. That's another thing we don't often do here: make many square cards. It's because it requires extra postage to send them. Ironic how different countries treat their mail differently.

  6. Love the "push back" description. Definitely fits my desk.

  7. Love the book, but oh dear on the windscreen! That stinks. And hey, I am guessing we all do a bit of pushing back. I'm just glad my desk backs up to the wall.....

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  8. Good for you creating a journal for yourself! Looking forward to see some completed pages. Enjoy yourself while working in it. Diane #28

  9. That was a bit of a freak accident! Hope you get it fixed soon. Interesting book, and I popped over to look at the baby journals - sweet.
    The card is nice too.
    Cazzy #65

  10. Golly, who'd have thought a thrown shoe could do so much damage? I hope the thrower was horrified and contrite! A new album, made with the same loving care you put into everyone else's, sounds a lovely present to yourself :). That's a great retro feel on that card ...

  11. It is so nice when we finally have time to make something that just for us. Love the card.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #60

  12. Yeah for making a journal for yourself!


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