Thursday, 15 April 2010

Flowers, Bunting and Fun Finds in Etsy

Okay, this post is unashamedly Etsy! If you don't want to see some fun, fabby little items that are for sale in various Etsy shops, then look away now!

Firstly, I was busy last night, making a sweet little set of scrapbook or card embellishments, which I have posted in my shop today. 
Three teeny Bunting Banners and nine paper Flowers, all in lovely Vintage-feel Rose Garden papers by Papermania
Titchy, teeny weeny little flags...
Paper-strip flowers on scalloped circles
Cut paper strip flowers
Paper Strip and interleaved flowers.

I'm really rather pleased with these. In fact, it's just so tempting to keep them for myself... but I've got more paper and can make more of them, so they're in the shop!  It was such fun making these.

I've made lots of bunting strings recently, for the book commission I'm working on (nearly finished now, one last big effort later I think...); they looked so nice that I thought I'd try some more with these papers, along with a few pretty flowers too.
I used my scallop punch to trim the edges of some of the paper strips, to give that interesting curved effect (above). I may do some more and try a corner rounder on the paper strips.

And how about a few nice things from other Etsy shops?

This little guy was listed today, by a shop called "7stitches".  I think he is adorable. He has a friend too, in golden coloured yarn, with white wings.

Nerdnest - Hair Bows, Earrings and Funky Things

There are lots of these bows, in several colours. I think they're really funky!

What a cool idea, to make earrings from old record sleeves!

This is also rather inspired use of old records!

Kneesup and Party!

Finally, some Real fabric bunting
I thought this was so pretty and the shop name made me laugh!

So, a photo-heavy post today, just about pretty and funky things. Makes a nice change, I think...


  1. I love the bunting strips! So cute!

  2. Lovely photo post - thanks for sharing all your pretty makes, and your fab finds! x

  3. Love your little buntings! I have a friend who makes jewelery from vinyl records. She needs an etsy shop

  4. Great set of embellies you've made, very pretty

  5. Those little bunting strips are adorable!!! I am inspired!!! Love the flowers you have posted as well.

    My favorite of the other Etsy things has got to be that adorable owl!!! xo

  6. I love the owl but I have a little someone here who would love the hair clips :-)

    Your bunting and flowers are fantastic and I can see why you would have wanted to keep them yourself.

  7. So pretty, Lizzie! I loved your car story you shared with me yesterday: thanks :)

  8. I love the bunting strips, but realy love that own it is so cute. Thanks for sharing x

  9. You should feel pleased with yourself; your little Etsy crafts are adorable! As are the other peeks; that fabric banner would look adorable in my scrappy room! Thanks for the peeks; it would take days and days to search through all the lovely items!


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