Friday, 10 September 2010

LSNED Pages, 1st - 7th September

Hello everyone, I'm back in Blog-land for a bit, trying to catch up.

First of all, thanks to everyone who has dropped by in the last couple of weeks and left nice comments - especially those who have wished me & my mum well.  Mum is much better now.  She's told me she can cope on her own again (we'll see!) and managed a trip to the Dr. today, for her check-up and some other stuff. She was tired when we got back, but wasn't feeling ill, which is good news.  I hope she will soon be much stronger and fully recovered (or as close as she will get anyway!).

And next...

I have made the pages for my mini-book, up to 7th September. I'll put them on my LSNED Page, but thought it would be nice to show them all in one post here.

A reprise - the Front Cover

Wednesday 1st September - "Your confidence has grown. You can take care of yourself"

Thursday 2nd September - "It's so Quiet when you're at school"

Friday 3rd September - "Why walk? When you can Bounce!"

Saturday 4th September - "Good communication requires both phones to be ON!"

Sunday 5th September - "A relaxing walk really does clear away the cobwebs!"

Monday 6th September - "When you're ill, cooking is the hardest job of all."

Tuesday 7th September - "They should call it Tricky-backed plastic!"

I'll update my LSNED Page with a daily diary and photos, but I wanted to show all the pages together.  Two more ready to be made - the photos are there, so I just have to do the "cutting and sticking"!

I still haven't worked out what today's "Lesson" might be though.

I did learn, when at the Dr. with my mum, that her Osteoporosis treatment will take about 3 months to start having a noticeable effect. She had a bone density scan last month, which shows that she has "moderate" osteoporosis, which is affecting her back.  That helps explain her constant back pain anyway... She has to take calcium and some other medicine (forget the name), which helps encourage the uptake of the calcium into her bones.  The bone density should be improving by the end of 3 months. 

I also learned that I'm a sucker for a bit of lovely fabric, just as I am for gorgeous papers! I went to various local shops today, to ask if I could display a postcard advertising our scrapbooking club.  The local sewing, quilting and wool shop were happy to oblige - and didn't charge me!  They had some new Halloween themed fabrics on the counter.  I couldn't leave without buying a fat quarter of each!

Isn't is cute? I can feel a set of notebooks coming on !

I am a bit terrible... I can't walk into a craft or fabric shop without buying something.  Perhaps next time, I should leave my purse at home!  Well, having confessed to my naughty purchase, I'd better make use of it and show you some new books very soon.

Of course, I have re-learned lots of stuff today - as every day.  For instance, I re-learned how grumpy I get when I'm tired and haven't slept well.  I've re-learned this fact every day for the last week... It would be nice to have a good night's sleep tonight and a relaxing "day off" tomorrow.  My mother says she can cope by herself, but after seeing her so exhausted and ill, I must admit I will find it hard not to go over tomorrow to check she's okay.  Another lesson re-learned - I hate the responsiblilty at times, but I still feel responsible!

Well, if nothing amazingly earth-shattering happens to teach me an unforgettable lesson, I might go with the fabric, just for a bit of fun! It's been to serious round here recently and I need to smile.

Hope all my blog friends are well.  I'm slowly working my way round the Blog-houses, to check what's been happening in Blog-land while I've been "away".  I'll get to yours soon, if I haven't been there already.

If you missed yesterday's post, I blogged about a nice evening walk on Wednesday.


  1. Love all your lessons! Perfect for the class.

  2. I'm so glad your Mum is on the mend, I hope it continues :-)

    Great pages - a great mix of lessons, really interesting xx

  3. Great looking pages! Glad you mom is feeling better.


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