Saturday, 18 September 2010

Up to Date - LSNED Pages and Thank You

First of all, I want to say Thank You. 

I am so grateful to my blog friends for the support and encouragement that you all give me, especially when I post about the difficult things in my life.  I had some lovely messages on yesterday's post about Coffee the guinea pig.  Also there were kind messages on the posts about my mum being ill and stuff related to that  - and when I looked back at any other posts about difficulties and problems, it was just the same - lots of kind, supportive and helpful messages. 

I just want you all to know that it really, honestly does make me feel better.  We may only be friends through this strange cyber-world of blog posts, but I really do feel that I am lucky to have you all there, all over the world, yet only a few button-clicks away.

Thank You.

* * *

I know Shimelle says that "Up to Date" or "Keeping Up" is a self-imposed rule, but it is nice to have all my mini-book pages completed, up to yesterday!

I posted about 1st-7th September pages Here

These are the pages, from 8th to 17th September. The stories behind them are Here.

It's wonderful to have a friend to listen and understand.

Check the FUSE!

I can't resist lovely fabrics (or papers!)

Nothing is better than a quiet day at home with my Boys.

It's amazing how much I can do when there are no distractions!

I really can scrap One 4"x6" photo!

A good Nap can fix a lot of problems!

I am grateful for the gardening team.

I really can not work in this MESS!

Sometimes it's hard to accept that even your Best isn't enough

* * *

I took up Shimelle's challenge to use transparencies for the 15th/16th mid-way pages.  The pages for those two days are made with two printed acetate sheets (from Papermania), fixed back-to-back.  I sandwiched two strips of patterned paper between them (also Papermania - Secret Garden).

The patterned paper strips were just a bit wider than the photos and I placed the little journalling envelopes back-to-back, to keep everything lined up on each page.  This means that, although the next page will show through, there are less things to destract you when you are looking at the pages.  I like the effect - it's fun.

I fixed the pages together at the top with hand-stitching, using a brown linen thread that I have for bookbinding.  The bottom is fixed with glue under those ribbons!  As the binding-side will also be fixed together, I didn't think I needed to apply any adhesive to the sides.  The acetate is very stiff and will keep its shape without needing any more sticky stuff.

I also have been making my own embellishments:

As Shimelle said in her prompt on 15th, when you put the pages together, they really do look like a book already!


  1. I too find that my blog friends are a tremendous help through difficult times, even when I don't post about the difficulties. I love being part of this blog family with you xx

    Great pages, too - I really like that each double page spread has repeated elements, and yet there's such variety through the pages - so the whole thing is cohesive but with lots of interest! :-)

  2. Your album is looking really lovely Lizzie, I really like how you have put little envelopes on the pages. I loved my digi book from last year, but somehow felt that a lot of entries needed more clarification. Still haven't decided on my format, yikes the month will be over before I know it! x

  3. loving the completed pages. i too take gr8 comfort from my supportive blooggie friends and WILL meet u all one day.
    take care this w/e and hopefully next week will bring more poisitive vibes too
    Jo xxxx

  4. I'm glad our words of encouragement were a comfort to you, Lizzie.

    I loved seeing your pages with the photos we'd seen posted alone before. It's fun to see a project come together like that!

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

  5. Your pages look lovely, they all go together so well yet are individual.

    I hope this week goes well for you

  6. Your book is coming together so beautifully,Lizzie.
    It really is great to be part of a 'bloggy' family.

  7. It's really coming along now, isn't it ~ all your pages looks fab!
    I know exactly what you mean about blog griends ~ they are indeed a rare gift.

  8. There is a lot of dismissive talk abour cyber friends but I have certainly gained an immeasurable amount of support and encouragement from mine - long live the blog I say and here's to all of us.
    Your pages are really impressive.

  9. Your album is looking great! I've been having computer problems so missed your earlier post about Coffee. Glad you've found some comfort here in cyberspace. So sorry about your loss.

  10. Your album looks great Lizzie, I'm very behind with my blog hopping so have just caught up on your posts. Sorry to hear about your loss but on a positive I'm glad your mum is feeling much better.

    Sending you virtual hugs :)


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