Friday, 29 October 2010

Further Adventures in Blog(ger) Land

Hello All,
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Firstly, if you're looking for - or interested in - my post about the Blog Party blog hop on 6th November, see it here

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Now then...

Sorry I haven't posted for ages... I have a serious problem with Blogger's Editor, which makes any post that contains more than one or two photos virtually impossible to write, without it taking me hours (literally, I do not jest!).

I have a pile of stuff to tell you, but all of it involves photos in order for it to make much sense.  For instance, we have a new pet - photos required; we went to London for 4 days - many photos taken, several ear-marked for blog post,  can't load them, driving me nuts; I made a batch of great books for my stall on 6th November - more photos of pretty notebooks; DS and DH have been conducting "scientific experiments" in the garden, involving fizzy drinks,  mints and potential explosions/ geysers of fizzy pop - more photos; the Scrap Club had a birthday a couple of weekends ago - photos of people eating cake. 

See what I mean?  I confess to feeling seriously frustrated - to the point of tears last night, after attempt no. 3 at my London Part 1 post was an abject failure. 

I have a cunning plan (my lord)... but it needs patience and careful thinking out, so I load the photos in the right order, using the Old Blogger Editor (which loads them backwards and makes it almost impossible to move them around in the post afterwards, but at least it loads more than one in any editing session).

I have posted my problems to Blogger several times, in various formats - forum comments, feedback form, problem report.  So far they have failed to respond at all, yet I know that lots and lots of other people are having similar / same issues.  I feel very angry with them - they have imposed the changes on us, without any warning or consultation, but they are not dealing with the problems they have caused.  They have even asked for feedback, yet there seems to be no action after the feedback has been given. I know this is a free service, but it belongs to Google and you'd think they would take more care of their customers - many of whom are potential, or existing sources of income for Google. 

So, please bear with me. I will try to write a post with something interesting in it.  The last picture-heavy one was my notebook tutorial, which took many hours of work over 3 days.  I need to find the patience to do this...

Back soon - I hope!


  1. Oh my, Lizzie, I can completely understand your frustration! I haven't had any problems with Blogger, but I'm still using the old format. If I understand your post correctly, you were forced to use the new format? Mine hasn't changed (yet) and after reading about your troubles I'm hoping that it doesn't! Good luck!!! xo

  2. Hey Deb, no I haven't been forced to use the new editor, but it won't load photos properly and has got worse and worse.
    I can still select the old editor, but it loads photos backwards and it's difficult to move them around in the post.
    The new editor was fine, but they have changed something and it's now a nightmare.
    I'm about to try a post with the old editor, after carefully planning the order I need to load the photos (I hope!).

  3. ah Baldrick is it a truly cunning plan?
    Yes Lord Blackadder ,we must first go to Mrs Miggins pie shop for sustenance
    Jo xxxx

  4. Ha Jo, you've rumbled me... it was coffee and muffins actually though!

  5. have you tried Windows Live Writer? I have a blogger account but find it so much easier & less frustrating to write and upload my entries from that than through Blogger itself, especially when it comes to adding the photos. Its a free download

  6. I second Live Writer. It's free & it's awesome!

  7. Wow, thank you, Ladies! I didn't know it was possible to write a post outside of Blogger and then upload/ import it. I will investigate Live Writer sooner than ASAP!!

  8. Oh Lizzie, sorry to hear about your woes - I'm catching up on your posts now so I see that the more recent ones do have photos, which must be a good sign? xx


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