Sunday, 19 December 2010

Next, Please! (and a Weather Report)

My Current Project


These three book-blocks will be diaries, which I am making as Christmas presents.

I have a lovely choice of fabrics!

The light-coloured sprigged fabric and the red, plus the William Morris to the right of it are cottons.
The remainder is a selection of amazing jewel-coloured silks. There are some dupion silk (one colour all through with a slight texture) and some great pieces of tussore/tussah silk (the warp is one colour and the weft another, giving a “shot silk” with a nice slubby texture).

You can’t really see the richness of those colours… they are just wonderful.

I am covering the diaries with fabric – two with the cottons and one with silk. Each will have a silk strip on the spine – like this :

This is a traditionally bound book I made last January, on my book-binding course.  My diaries will have a wrap-round spine that is a different colour, like this book.

I have just finished the first book, but it is drying under weights and I don’t want to mess about with it just yet.  You will have to wait, if you want to see the Finished Project!

But doesn’t it sound exciting? Go on, admit it!

* * *

The Weather Report

Yesterday lunch time, it started to snow.  Big fat snowflakes, so that by 4pm it was like this:



By evening we had about 5 inches on the ground:


It looked rather magical by moonlight.

D. brought in a snowball, which Sherlock thought he should try:

The Snowball Tester

This is as close as he’s been to the snow so far.  He looks outside, shivers and walks away huffily! Of course, it is all My Fault!

This morning, 8am sunrise:



The Boys had to go out for a Snowball fight.  I couldn’t join in, as my asthma was playing up (boo…), but I watched and took some photos:



They were attacked by some boys, from the other side of the garden wall!

All snowy!

Sadly the snow was too fluffy for good snowballs and they abandoned attempts to make a Snow-Bot, as they just couldn’t get it to stick together.

D. got some snow in his eyes, which scratched him and he had to give up and come inside.  Still, they had some fun before that and got some exercise too.

I enjoyed my role, as Official Snowtographer!


  1. Those diaries look like they are going to be gorgeous, Lizzie....look forward to the end result.
    Our snow isn't soft's frozen solid....beware tomorrow morning!!!

  2. Hey Lizzie, If you use the silks what will you back them with? Just interested!
    Hope your pre Christmas week isn't too manic

  3. yep we have similar pictures here and more forecast overnight and tomorrow. loving the new diaries,
    Jo xxxx

  4. "snowtographer" - love it!!

  5. Diaries are going to be wonderful!

    Love all the snow you have!

  6. I do love your books! And your snowy shots :-) We had lots of fun in our snow over the weekend, but it's all frozen into ice now, brrr....

  7. I'm busy with the diaries still - will post about them very soon!
    I may do a post about how I make "Bookcloth" too - since Loulou asked about it and it's quite interesting anyway.
    I didn't invent the technique myself by the way... but it's information that is shared freely by other bookbinders, so I can tell my friends!

  8. Lizzie, thanks for your comments, I'm just interested as I aways use my unconventional way of backing cloth by using some newsprint or lining paper for walls. I just roll it out with some pva and very carefully brush it together without any pressure until it's nearly dry (or the glue seeps through) and then I pop it in a book nipping press to really clamp it. I'm sure there is a better way so i shall look forward to your post wuth interest as I've always meant to find a 'better' way!
    Lots of love

  9. Just popping by to wish you and your family all the blessings of Christmas.
    Your snow pictures are fab - i especially love Sherlock the snowball tester.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog so often this year. have a wonderful Christmas celebration - hopefully with few asthma problems.
    Karen x

  10. Te diaries look lovely Lizzie :)


I love to read your comments!


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