Saturday, 23 July 2011

Today We Made This!

Another item crossed off the To-Do List!

After months - more months than I care to count - the horrible, messy gap, between my bedroom wardrobes and the wall, has been tidied!

Woo-Hoo! HANDLES on my Wardrobe doors!  I only bought these about 18 months ago, when the wardrobes were assembled... until today, I have been opening the doors with a small screw that was screwed in on one door, where the handle was "going to go", then putting my hand round the left-hand door to open that from indside.  Now I can just Open the Doors!

So, back to the Mess Corner... I moved all the boxes of stuff, putting them on the bed or in the corner by the other window.  Then we cleaned up all the dust bunnies (wow they were breeding in that corner!), then got the toolbox out.  And assembled this:
See, in the corner there?  This is actually two 40cm wide, deep bookcase units.  We assembled both, leaving one without its back panels, then fixed them together, one in front ot the other, using "repair brackets" on the sides ( long metal strips with 4 screws, placed along the sides and screwed into the fixed shelf in the middle and the panel on the top). 

This has made a deep, 6ft tall unit.  As you can see, we've put the tv in there - until now, it has sat on top of a chest of drawers, looking big, black and untidy!  I have put some of the "junk" away and used the basked on the 2nd shelf up to hold videos for me to watch in bed sometimes.  Behind this basket is stuff we rarely use. 

Behind the basket at the bottom are some photograph albums, that we want to keep, but don't look at very often.  They were in a book-case once, but we got rid of the bookcases when we moved house, so they've cluttered up the bedroom floor, in a large cardboard box.  No More Box!

The square basket is still empty, but I will tidy things into it tomorrow.  There's another box of stuff behind that embroidered cushion - but this seems a good place to store the cushion when it's not being used. It hides the junk behind it and keeps it out of the way!

The top shelf will hold another box of stuff, when I have organised it.  Meanwhile I don't want to just dump junk on it, or I'll never tidy it up again!  And on top, there are some Ikea bags, hiding away behind a gorgeous turquoise coloured box.  The box contained a present, sent to my friend by her stepmother.  It came from Fortnum and Mason (ooooo!) and has nothing in it just now, except packing chips.  I will empty out the chips and I think it can be storage for something special - perhaps scarves and belts.
So, a neater corner now.  The bedroom really is almost tidied and "finished".  The junk is gradually being cleared away - it's only taken us 2 years!!

And this evening I am ... rather tired, I think I could say! Early night for me tonight.  Tomorrow I must organise some stuff, ready for when we go away on holiday soon - book-binding things have to be organised well in advance, so my shop doesn't collapse while I'm away!  


  1. So nice! I love when I get new things to organize places in the house. It seems like it is always one of those projects that we put off. But good for you for finding the time! I love baskets to store things in too!

  2. That looks so nice and fresh! I am trying to wade through the piles of stuff in my work area. I'm forcing myself to spend 30 minutes a day on it - lol! Good job! xox Pam

  3. Isn't it funny how there are always one or two little jobs we put off doing...and then what a difference they make when we DO get around to doing them!
    Alison xx

  4. Ah, the pleasure of little things, eh?!

  5. Oh, feels so much better when things are tidy! Looks great - and hope you enjoy the rest of the results when you get there. :)

  6. I love organization and getting rid of dust bunnies.


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